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What allowed more settlers to move to the west? How did this movement change government policy?
The Great Plains; this allowed the Natives to stay and hunt on the Great Plains.
Identify and explain three conflicts that occured between settlers and Native Americans as American settlers moved westward.
Long problems, battles, and hunting issues.
What was the end result of these conflicts?
The Battle of Wounded Knee which was where more than 300 Native Americans were killed due to one miscelaneous shot being fired.
What was the Homesteas Act and how was it taken advantage of?
160 acres of land was given to land owners so more people would move there. This was taken advantage of because people would just move to different places to gain more money.
What helped farmers in the mid to late 1800's?
What problems faced farmers in the late 1800's?
They had to pay more for exports and the farmers were losing more money than gaining.
What political party developed to represent the needs of the farmers?
Populist Party
What were the main economic, political, and social goals of this party?
They wanted the taxes to be reduced so they could gain money.
Describe the debate over the money and coin system in America in the late 1800's.
People wanted to trade in all money for gold which was the gold standard and this caused an economic downfall.
Who was William Jennings Bryan and how did he influence this debate (from question 8)?
Nebraska congressman who argued against the gold standard supported bi-metalism.
What led to the development of new types of buildings and structures in the late 1800's? Why?
Steel because it was lighter and was more durable.
Who was George Pullman? What did he create? Why did conflict develop with the Pullman Company?
Pullman created a manufacturing company and the people were against him because he was so bad.
What was a robber barron? Give an example.
A robber barron was a powerful industrialist who got to where they were by doing something illegal or cheating in some way. John Rockefeller is an example of this.
What is vertical integration?
Survival of the fittest. Andrew Carnegie is a good example of this and he wrote a book called the Gospel of Wealth to show others how he is truly a good person and he isnt as bad as some people think.
What is the difference between a trust and a monopoly?
A trust is where people have the same price as other companies while a monopoly is where people have to pay for the high prices that were set because they need the product.
How did Rockefeller form trusts?
He formed trusts by forming monopolies and cancelling out other competition.
What was the government to do in response to this?
They formed the Sherman Anti-Trust Laws.