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The Maine
Feb 1898
Emilio Aguinaldo
First President of the Republic of Philippines
Roosevelt: Panama: The Caribbean
Teddy became Pres. after the assasintation of Mckinley (1901)
Beginning of Progressive Era
Big Stick Diplomacy
Panama Canal: $10 mil (1906-1914)
Progressive Motives: 18th Amendment
Child Labor Laws- Keating Owen Act
Ending Immigration
Pure FDA
Meat Inspection Act
Ida Tarbell- targeted Standard Oil
Upton Sinclair- The Jungle
Lincoln Steffen- political corruption
Jacob Riis- How the other half live
Triangle Fire: Reform Agenda
caused laws to improve safety conditions and limit working hours for women and children
Campaign Slogans
Mckinley "Full Dinner Pail"
Roosevelt "New Nationalism"
"Square Deal"
Wilson "New Freedom" (1912)
"He kept us out of War" (1916)
Harding "Let's return to normalcy"
Red Scare
Attorney General Palmer, assigned J. Edgar Hoover to head what is now the FBI
arrested hundreds of suspected radicals
Sigmund Freud
psychoanalysis--conscious or unconscious
Advertisers were used to target pple to use their stuff
Organized Labor in the 20s
United Mine workers
Eugene Debs- socialist
Zimmerman Telegram
secret msg. from Germans to Mexico, if MX made some military moves than Germany would restore all the land the US took from MX
Britain intercepted and told the US (to get us involved)
Central Powers
Austria Hungry
Western Allies
Great Britain
1916 Election
Wilson- Democrat "Kept us out of war"

Hughes- Republican
Wilson won by a narrow margin
The Fourteen Points
more capitalism (free trade)
unrestricted sea travel, free trade, arms reductions, and end to secret treaty
League of Nations- preserve peace and resolve conflict
Committee on Public Information
govt. agency to promote pro war propaganda
ran by George Kreel
"Uncle Sam wants you"
Treaty of Versailles
June 1919
required Germany to disarm, admit sole blame for the war, and pay massive reparations to the allies, and land reorganization
Spanish American War
broke out in 1898 over US concerns for the Cuba independence movement. The US won the war gaining territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, and securing independence for Cuba
served as a powerful force onto the world stage
Anti- Imperialist League
established 1898
to battle the US annexation of the Phillipines due to economic, legal, and moral grounds
Liberals that believed in free trade, a gold standard, and limited government
*William James
opposed WIlliam Jennings Bryan
*Mark Twain was the VP from 1901 until 1910
Paradox of American Imperialism
No one is ever free until the US says so
willing to change or be persuaded
William James wrote a book on pragmatic
very progressive idea
judging the value of an action by assessing the results
Ash Can School
School of Art
Bellows (artist)
Industrial workers of the world (IWW)
a radical labor organization founded in 1905, that advocated revolution and massive societal reorganization, it faded away around 1920
Class backgrounds of the progressives
middle class
Woodrow Wilson's Presidency
"New Freedom"
encourage democracy and capitalism worldwide
Fourteen points & league of nations
Herbert Hoover
made only limited efforts to control the economic and social problems of the Nation
Harlem Renaissance
black writers and artists produced plays, poetry, and novels that often reflected the unique African American experience
Alain Locke (father of Harlem Ren.)
Langston Hughes (poet)
Louis Armstrong (Jazz)
McKay, Hurston, Cullen-- writers
Eugenics: Scopes Trial
selective breeding to weed out feeble mindedness
Dayton, TN
John T. Scopes
Evolution theory a science teacher wanted to teach
Claren Darlow- attorney for teacher
W. Jennings Bryan- against attorney
Colonialism: Informal Imperialism
colonialism- super impose way of life
informal imperialism- doing it in the name of "Help" even though we are still stealing- and if we don't succeed then we point the blame on someone else
Keating-Owen Act
first law against child labor laws
illegal to employ children under 14
declared unconstitutional in 1918 bc it was said that Government should not regulate this
Roosevelt & Striking
coal strike 1902
Mitchell was president of UMW
Roosevelt intervened and got them higher wages and shorter hours
Marcus Garvey
UNIA founder and advocated a mass migration of African Americans back to Africa
Garvey was convicted to fraud in 23 and deported back to Jamaica in 27
UNIA collapsed without his leadership
Tin Lizzies
sold quickly $290
1924 model t
27 model a
Roosevelt Corollary
stated that the US not Europe should dominate the affairs of Latin America and that although the US had no expansionist intentions, any chronic wrongdoing by a latin american nation would justify US intervention as a global political power
Most Important Motivations for Progressive Period
Treaty of Paris 1898
gave US the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico
Platt Amendment
right to intervene in Cuba when saw fit
US navel base in cuba
Sedition Amendment
provided punishment for anyone using disloyal, profane, or abusive language in regard to the US govt. flag or military
Espionage Act
anti war activities= fines or imprisonment
barred periodicals from circulation by mail