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Employee referals

Recruiting source that provides applicants who stay with the organization the longest

Measuring results

Key to the success of an employee referral program

Disadvantage of using employee referral method

Discrimination may result because people tend to refer others from similar backrounds

Realistic job preview

The approach to recruitment that informs applicants about all aspects of the job, including both desirable and undesirable facets

Firms success in achieving its employment equity program

A factor in determining the choice of outside sources from which to recruit applicants

Advantage of external recruitment

Helps the organization to gain access to the competitors secrets

Career paths

The lines of advancement for an individual within an organization

Match individual and organizational needs

First step in HRs role in career management

Employees past career devisions

Least significant factor in career counselling

Peter's principle

When promoting based on past performance and seniority. Will continue until there is a position they cannot perform well in

The glass ceiling

Artificial barriers based on attitudinal or organizational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing upward in their organizations into management pisitions

Boundaryless career

Has worked for e organizations in the past five years bringing her skills and abilities with them

A hit

A situation where they Did not hire someone who was described as low in predicted success and low in job performance

Person-job fit

The use of selection tests to measure applicant KSAOs against competencies for the job


The degree to which selection procedures yield comparable data over a period of time

Cross validation

Most important process in establishing validity

Validity generalization

When an organization applies validity data from another similar job situation to its own organization