Recruitment Case Study

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Main problems of recruitment
Reliance on external recruitment services There are some private companies sunning which provide the supply of employees to the companies desiring employees but the worst disadvantage of this kind of recruitment is that there large bit of reliance on these kinds of companies and there will not be any kind of raw talent coming through these external recruitment companies. This is one of the issues that the DT is facing and has to reduce this reliance on external recruitment agencies (ANON, n.d.).
Lack of strategic role in the recruitment process
As it is very clear from the above case study that the HRM is only playing a guidance role to the managers of DT, this is also causing not effective recruitment. So there
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Lack of effective screening process
One of the other major problems that the company is facing is that the company doesn’t have effective screening process of job applicants and the adoption of effective screening process really plays a very important and large role in the success of the business. So, effective screening process has to be adopted by DT to get talented pool of employees which can help in the success of the business in the later stages (ANON, n.d.).
Options for recruitment
The following are the options for recruitment.
Recruitment consultants
The following are the advantages of the recruitment consultants.
• The use of this type of recruitment system helps in the reduction of the expenses for advertisements.
• It helps in saving precious time of management.
• Large variety of job applicants will be available.
• Employees can also apply for the offers that have not been advertised.
• Saving the cost of sending CV to employers.
• The option of different companies increases (ANON, n.d.).
• Payment of huge amount of money to the
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• It is very rapid and the large audience responds to it (ANON, 2011).
• Very large number of job applicants will make the work longer and difficult.
• This type of recruitment doesn’t always work for the company (ANON, 2011).
Advertising recruitment
• There is high level of transparency in the recruitment process through advertisements.
• On merit recruitment is possible.
• Great prospect for the applicants not favored by elites.
• All the stakeholders are involved and give them the opportunity to nominate the applicants (ANON, n.d.).
• Recruitment through this process will take a longer period of time.
• The expense of recruitment through advertisement is very high.
• Applicants are hesitant to apply because unsuccessful applicants are made known publicly (ANON, n.d.).
Recruitment through referrals
• There will be reduction in the recruitment work for the working individuals.
• If there can be reward set up for quality referrals, the employees will refer the best available candidates.
• The use of referral recruitment method can be cheaper than other methods of

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