Recruitment And Selection Process In Pran-RFL Case Study

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Recruitment and Selection Process in PRAN-RFL:
PRAN-RFL is looking for top-caliber people who want the flexibility and resources to grow in their care. PRAN-RFL has thousands of diverse people from different cultures and backgrounds working in a variety of different jobs in different fields
· Merit is the sole criteria for selection.
· Attitude is given as much weight age as functional competencies.
· Panel interviews comprising of Functional Head & HR Head.
· Sources for recruitment are through campus, consultants, employee referrals, internal job postings and the internet.
· All positions involve written tests.
Pran-RFL group
· Antecedent verification is an integral part of our recruitment process.
· Medical fitness is pre-requisite for
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But this way the company may lose the talents out there in the market who would have applied for the same post had they known the name of the organization. This is why the company kept the identity open in their recent job advertisement when the quality of the candidate was a very important factor to consider.
Pran-RFL group
Employee referrals:
Employee referral means using personal contracts to locate job opportunities. It is a recommendation from a current employee regarding a job applicant. The logic behind employee referral is that “it takes one to know one”. Employees working in the PRAN-RFL, in this case, are encouraged to recommend the names of their friends working in other organization for a possible vacancy in the near future.
Walk-ins and Write-ins:
Walk-ins are some seekers who arrived at the HR department of BPL in search of a job; Write-ins are those who send a written enquire .both groups normally are ask to complete and application blank to determine their interest and abilities. Usable application is kept in an active file until a suitable opening occurs or until an application is too old to be considered valid, usually six

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