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Basic Questions
1. Who are my consumers?
2. Where do my consumers reside/work/travel
3. When/Where/How do I expose the product?
4. Product Involvement (How/Why)
5. If there is commitment, why?
Consumer Studies
1. How do we report sport consumer studies?
2. How do we group consumer studies?
3. What do you we look at? (demographics, consumption, attitude, economic impact)
Types of Consumer Studies
-irregular, limited studies (narrow, specific, one-time)
-irregular, broad studies (national, one-time)
-regular, limited (continuous, narrow)
-regular, broad (continuous, national
-indexes (
Reading Consumer Studies
-definitions (ex. involvement, commitment, participation can be read differently)
-multiple measures (playing vs watching vs listening vs reading)
-sampling (errors)
General Resources
-marketing news
-business week
-advertising age
Sport Resources
-team marketing report
-sport marketing quarterly