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Personal commitment and emotional involvement a person has with a sports team
Fan Identification
Low Fan Identification
-Social Fans
-Attend for social aspect, like atmosphere surrounding the game
Ex. of Low Fan Identification
Ex. Going to a college football game to tailgate. Also a Lexington Legends game for the contests between innings.
Medium Fan Identification
-Focused Fans
-Identify with specific team/player but for short term
Ex. of Medium Fan Identification
Ex. A Fair Weather Fan
High Fan Identification
-Vested Fans
-Long-term commitment; follow loyalty; go to a lot of games; get other people to cheer for team
Ways to target market/market segmentation
Different products market to different groups
Variables that Influence Fan Identification
1. Team Characteristics
2. Organizational Characteristics
3. Affiliation Characteristics
4. Activity Characteristics
Variables that Influence Fan Identification: Team Characteristics
Win/lose matter
Variables that Influence Fan Identification: Organizational Characteristics
How involved with community off the field
Variables that Influence Fan Identification: Affiliation Characteristics
Sense of community
Variables that Influence Fan Identification: Activity Characteristics
Basking in Reflected Glory

-Publically announcing yourself with a particular team
When BIRGing slacks and an example
-"We" when team is winning and "they" when your team is losing.
-1976 experiment where went to major football schools to do observations on after school wins vs. when the school loses. They saw more BIRGing after a team win than loss. Fans simply liked the school more when their team won and/or they wanted to share in the success.
Group ID Web
Left Side =
Middle =
Right Side =
Left Side
-Domain Involvement
-Group Pef.
-Group Member Attendance
-Group ID
Right Side
-Game Attendance
-Game Behavior
-Licensed Merchandise
Domain Individual
How involved you are
Group Performance
How successful the team is
Group Member Attractiveness
How desirable the qualities of members are
The Domain Individual still mattered for the
Unsuccessful Group ID
What is a sports marketer to do with Group ID?
-If you have a successful team, focus on Domain Inv.
-If you have an unsuccessful team, focus on group member attractiveness.
---Ex. Sammy Sosa
Sponsorship oriented instead of behaviors web:
Left Side
Right Side
Left Side:
-Perceived Prestige
-Domain Inv.
-Fan Associations
-Team ID
Right Side:
-Sponsor Recognition
-Attitude Towards Sponsor
-Sponsor Patronage
-Satisfaction Towards/With Sponsor
Higher Perceived Prestige =
Higher Team ID
Higher Domain Involvement =
Higher Team ID
Higher Fan Associations =
Higher Team ID
Look for teams with _________ to market to High ID Fans
Highly Recognized Ideas