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Uniqueness of Sport Marketing
-intangible, experiential, unpredictable
-simultaneous production and consumption
Golden Age of Sport
-entrance into mainstream business
-Hollywood sport films
-specialized personnel needs (management, marketing, ect.)
Challenges in Sport Marketing
-higher salaries/athlete demands
-high ticket costs
Effect on Market Place
-decrease in spectatorship
-increase in participation
Effect within Sport
-rival leagues
-head to head competition
What is Sports Marketing?
"all activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sports consumers through exchange processes"
Major Thrusts in Sports Marketing
1. marketing of sports products
2. marketing other products through sport
Three Forms of Sports Marketing
1. marketing of products
2. marketing of services
3. marketing of entities
Key Developments in Sports Marketing
-acceptance and growth of sponsorship
-mutual promotion relation between organization and corporation
-development of product extension
-marketing strategies
Responsibilities of Marketers
-create and sell sponsorships
-plan and direct ticket campaigns
-plan and implement game promotion
-develop and sell facility signage
Key Skills for a Marketer
-oral communication
-written communication
-personal management