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Six-month-old Emily is cuddled, comforted, talked to, and fed when hungry. She is likely to develop ________ according to Erikson.


Recently researchers have developed a way to identify individuals destined to develop Huntington's chorea prior to the development of symptoms. What is this promising technique?

Using recombinant DNA techniques researchers have identified a genetic marker on chromosome 4.

Piaget's theory has been criticized for:

placing too much emphasis on the maturation of biologically based cognitive structures

Most children have developed a firm sense of maleness or femaleness by the time they are:

eighteen months old

At which Piagetian stage of development can a child recognize that when a ball of clay is rolled out into a hot dog shape that it still contains the same amount of clay?

Concrete operational

Piaget's ________ stage is characterized by language, spotty logic, and egocentrism


A child is able to apply the principle of conservation to mental operations during the ________ stage.

concrete operational

Sam has low self-esteem and is impulsive, immature, and dependent on others. Most likely Sam's parents are:


If a ball that a child is playing with rolls under a chair (out of sight), the five-month-old child probably will not look for it. Piaget believed that this is because the child:

has not developed object permanence

In comparison to Maccoby and Jacklin, Janet Hyde in 1981 & 1997 found in her meta analysis of numerous studies examining gender differences in cognitive abilities:

that all of the gender difference were very small differences

A classic study on toilet training using twin boys found that early training:

did not result in early bladder control

The concrete operational stage of Piaget's theory lasts from approximately:

age seven to twelve years

Genes that are inherited but may not be expressed through the phenotype are ________ genes.


Fathers as compared to mothers tend to interact differently with their children by:

boisterous play rather than nurturing

Ainsworth has identified differences in the attachment behaviors of infants. What factors does she attribute this to?

Parenting practices and inborn differences

By their first birthday, most infants weigh ________ when they were born

three times as much as

For Piaget the concept of egocentrism referred to the:

inability of young children to perceive the world from any perspective other than their own.

Jill is an insecurely attached eighteen-month-old. What kind of prediction would you be inclined not to make about her social competence at five?

She is less likely to be unsure of herself, likely to be cooperative and independent

A newborn's brain has:

most, if not all, of the neurons it will ever have.

DNA stands for:

deoxyribonucleic acid.