Piaget Theory Of Child Development

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Introduction Jean Piaget is a world renown psychologist who is mostly known for his work with children. Although, his work is vastly criticized due to the test subjects being his own children and no one else these theories have proven true time and time again. Piaget believes that there are four stages to development which are sensorimotor intelligence, preoperational thought, concrete operations, and formal operations (Wadsworth, 2004). Using the Piagetian Task Kit, I was able to observe children for myself and compare my findings to Piaget’s. I will also be able to classify which stage of development the child maybe in. In my research I will include the similarities and differences in each student such as; age, gender, school, and other …show more content…
The task kit was completed the fastest with her because she only could go up to number twenty-seven then did not know anymore. Her reasoning was very simple for the task such as; color, shape, size, mostly very blunt. Tinley is different from Madison but still shares similarities with Hannah. Which is still having a semi-logical/ prelogical thoughts she also is not as rapid in her responses.
Data Analysis Within this paper, one can find ways to link Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development and the data together. One way is by figuring out how the students use schema, assimilation, accommodation, and equilibration. Knowing where the children stand at there will help determine what type of knowledge he or she may have. It can be logical-mathematical-constructed from thinking about experiences with objects and events, physical knowledge- knowledge of the physical properties of objects and events, or social knowledge- knowledge on which cultural or social groups come to agree by convention. Conservation- which is described as children not being able to conceptualize is a problem that children in the preoperational stage have(Wadsworth,2004). In fact, Tinley had this problem and ended up counting to see if there still was the same number of
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Is not a problem that any of the test subjects had thankfully, it was a task they easily accomplished.
Overall, the experiment went very well and correlates with Piaget’s work. The only subject that was a little iffy is Hannah and that is because she falls in two stages. However, it does make one wonder why Piaget has certain stages overlapping and when does that child fully develop to the next stage? This kit did make me wonder how Piaget came up with these ideas and gave me valuable information that I will be able to use

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