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• Broadcast media
media forms that transmit sounds or images electronically.
• Public radio
usually affiliates of NPR, must abide by the same rules and regulations as its television counterpart
• Syndicated radio advertising
thousands of stations
• Television advertising
advertising broadcast based on the performance of shows and how they engage the audience
• Broadcast network
when 2 or more stations broadcast the same program that originates from a single source
• Coverage
(similar to circulation for print)- The number of homes in a geographic area able to pick up station clearly
• Ratings
Measures the percent of homes actually tuned into a particular station
• Arbitron
provides radio audience ratings for more than 250 markets in the United States
• Network radio
when radio ads are bought from national networks who distribute these to affiliates
• Spot radio advertising
advertiser buys spot through specific station rather than network.
• Affiliates
local stations that maintain same program as the national station
• Subscription television
service people pay for ex: cable and/or satellite
off-network syndication
re-runs of network shows
• Superstations
big, known stations ex: CNN, ESPN, Disney
• Network cable
scheduling runs commercials across the entire subscriber group simultaneously
New Technology in Television
Interactive television, HDTV
• Interconnects
interactive, broadband; more capacity to send data and images through cable television wire
• Independent television stations
local station not affiliated with networks
• Television programming & distribution
ex: pay per view, program syndication, low-power
• Program syndication
Television programs purchased by local stations to fill time in open hours.
• Exposure
measures household with sets turned on
Households using television