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Five important trends in media planning
1. Convergence
2. Interactivity
3. Engagement
4. Commoditization
5. Cadence
Reach & Frequency
percentage of media audience exposed to a message. How frequent a commercial airs in a time.
media buzz word referring to the captivating quality of media that the audience finds engaging.
• Media plan and its key players
identifies the best media to use to efficiently deliver an advertising message to a targeted audience. The media plan is a subsection within an advertising plan with its own objectives, strategies and tactics.
• Media mix
the way various types of media are strategically combined to create a certain kind of impact
• Media vehicle
a specific TV program, newspaper, magazine, or radio station or program
Characteristics of newspapers
Types of Circulation: subscription, single copy sales, 3rd party
Frequency of Publication: dailies, weeklies, Sundays, business or organization newspapers
Editions: morning, evening, all-day, special interest
Format and Size: broadsheet, tabloid
one person’s opportunity to be exposed to an ad one time
number of copies sold
Gross Impressions
all of the impressions added together
Size of Newspapers
broadsheet; tabloid
• Advantages of advertising in newspapers
lets advertisers select sections in which the ad will appear
• Rate cards
list charges for advertising space and discount for advertisers
• Standard Advertising Unit (SAU)
Makes it possible for newspapers to offer advertisers a large number of choices within a standard format - ad will work in every newspaper in the country
• Co‐op advertising
ad. split by 2
• Classified ads
dominiant form of newspaper advertising
• Display ads
Run-of-paper (ROP) or Preferred-position rate
• Run‐of‐paper rate
advertisers don't care where their ads run in the paper
are magazine-style publications inserted into a newspaper
Newspaper Auditing Companes
independent group that represents advertisers, agencies, and publishers
Double Page Spread
2 pages face each other
Gutter, Bleed Page
white space-running between the inside edges of the pages
Directory Advertising
the main medium prospects consult the local phone book ex: the yellow book
Outdoor Advertising
billboards and posters
Transit Advertising
Mainly urban, places ads on vehicles (buses, taxis) that circulate through the community as moving billboards