Outdoor Advertising In The Media

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Register to read the introduction… "If print generates awareness and disseminates information, television is a vehicle to build the brand with its visual and emotional appeal." Outdoor and radio work as reminder media, although outdoor advertising has been used heavily recently for creating initial awareness at the time of product launch. The internet is being used increasingly to provide detailed information, as a reminder medium, and for the interactivity and transactional facilities it offers.
Interestingly, using tools, media agencies claim, they can accurately foretell the effect of a certain advertising format in a certain media vehicle and the effectiveness of a given creative on the given target group.
Ad budget allocation is much more scientific today than it was, say, a decade-and-a-half ago. Tools are used at every stage to achieve campaign objectives and derive maximum effectiveness from the advertising.
In 2004, the ad spend on television was Rs5,428 crore (46 per cent of total ad spend in India), the highest ever as yet. The ad to content ratio varies from network to network but is mostly around 30:70. This gives ample airtime availability every
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Today, consumers spend more time traveling in their vehicles than ever before. That makes outdoor advertising a more powerful medium than ever. In the past 25 years, the number of vehicles on the road increased 128%. Those are the people you reach over and over with outdoor advertising.
• Outdoor reaches your audience when they need it. Outdoor advertising is often the final reminder of a brand name product or service just before the point of purchase. It is the most visible media being exposed to everyone who leaves their home to work, shop or play.
• Outdoor is efficient. No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often, at such a low cost. When it comes to generating repeat exposure to an audience, outdoor advertising is the most cost effective per 1,000 viewers.
• Outdoor is big, bold and dynamic. Its larger-than-life proportions and endless creative options will grab and hold consumer attention.

• Outdoor offers constant repetitive exposure. Seven days a week, 31 days a month, outdoor delivers your message over and over. Your prospects have your sales message right there in front of

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