The Impact Of Advertisement

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The impact of television is very important because of its vast potential as an audio-visual communicator. Television (T.V.) enables the creative man to communicate by combining motion, sounds, words, color, personality and stage setting to communicate and display ideas to large and widely scattered audience. T.V advertisements usually play a role in, either introducing a product, reinforcing the familiarity with the product and also realistic to purchase the product. Advertisements are among the most noticeable of the marketing strategy and have been the subject of a great deal of attention in the last fifteen to twenty years. Advertisement can not only alter emotions, but give subliminal message.
Advertising today seems to be all over the place and ever present exerting a far reaching influence on the daily lives of people. Advertisements develop self-concepts in order to persuade purchase decisions. Television advertising employs attention grabbing trick such as attractive and lovely music, lyrics, Jingles, humor and repeated messages. The impact of the
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To do so advertisers employ several of marketing techniques. Celebrity Endorsement is one of these power tools by which advertisers try to leverage the image and identification of the celebrity to promote a product or company (Atkin & Block, 1983). This not only makes the advertisement lively, attractive, interesting, but attention getting as well (Ohanian, 1991, Kamins,1990). So happens because audience takes the celebrity as a role model and in turn these celebrities ' impact their lives. Celebrity endorsement has been in application for a long time (Kaikati, 1987), in fact not too late when advertisement techniques were taking on new forms because advertisers realized soon that by using publicly renowned personalities in advertisements they will be able to align brand personalities with that of the

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