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The aristocratic composer-poets of northern France were called


The term conductus refers to

any serious Latin song with a rhymed, rhythmical text, regardless of the subject

Love was a man topic of secular song among all four of these groups:

Troubadours, trouvères, goliards, Minnesinger

By whom was secular song in Germany influenced, and in what language was it written?

troubadours; German

The estampie and istampita were both

Dance forms

"Courtly love" as expressed in song usually described

a man who loves an unattainable or unavailable woman

What, in general terms, is a vielle?

a five-stringed instrument played with a bow

The shawm was similar to what modern-day instrument


Percussion in art in the Middle Ages

bells and drums were often depicted in medieval art

Portative and positive refer to two types of


Chanson de Roland in an example of

chanson de geste

the troubadours wrote and sang songs in which language?

Occitan (langue d'oc)

The Cantinas de Santa Maria were written in which language?


Jongleurs were

traveling entertainers who juggled as well as sang

Goliards were

students who sang secular songs in Latin

Bar form can be expressed as


A chansonnier was

a book of songs

Adam de la Halle's Jeu de Robin at Marion is an example of

a musical play

Surviving examples of secular song?

Thousands of texts survive but only some have music