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The eight Church modes are defined primarily by their

range, final, and reciting tone

The chant tradition centered in the city of Milan is known as

Ambrosian chant

Charlemagne is credited with

attempting to bring chant practices in the Frankish kingdom into line with Roman chant practices

According to Martianus Capella, what subjects make up the quadrivium?





What was the Schola Cantorum?

the choir that sang for observances officiated by the pope

By whom was Jewish (music performed in the first century?

by a cantor, only

What were the church fathers general beliefs regarding the moral character of music?

they believed that music could be good or evil and that only the right kinds of music should be sung in worship

The sixth-century write who compiled a compendium of Greek music theory based on Nichomachus and Ptolemy was


Four Christian practices which come from Jewish music, one which doesn't

Reading of scripture

The use of melodic formulas for singing psalms

Symbolic meal (Jesus' Last Super)

Assigning specific readings to specific days

Eight modes for singing chant

Early Christian church leaders believed that instrumental music

could evoke pagan practices and should therefor be suppressed

Egeria's description of a fourth-century worship describes

priests singing psalms and the congregation singing responses

The style of chant known as "Gregorian" originated as

a synthesis of Roman and Frankish chant styles

The earliest notated chant books date from

the ninth century

The first use of a line to indicate pitch level helped the singer to locate

the semitone

Four innovation of Guido of Arezzo

One not


staff lines

letter names for the lines of the staff

hexachord theory

modal theory

Solesmes notation was created for

official chant books in the twentieth century

Hexachords can begin on which pitches?


Musica humana was defined as

unheard harmony of the human body

The definition of authentic in modal theory is

modes in which the melody ranges from a note below the final to approximately an octave above it

The use of Greek names for church modes comes from

a misreading of Greek modal theory