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Blank have different views add to what is beautiful and attractive.
Different cultures
Understanding the blank is vital to am esthetician's success in this potentially profitable market.
understanding the benefits, risks, and how to perform various techniques.
What safety concerns are impotent part of hair removal procedures.
Safety, decontamination procedures, and universal precautions
is the scientific study of hair and is diseases.
geek word for hair
What determines how much hair you have?
predetermined by genetics
vellus hair
very fine, soft hair is called vellus or lanugo hair. it is found in areas that are not covered by the larger, coarse terminal hairs.
terminal hair
it's the longer, courser hair found on the head, brows, lashes, genitals, arms, and legs.
a mass of epidermal cells forming a small tube, or canal is a
hair follicle
the face contains blank follicles per square inch.
many follicles - like 3600. but not all follicles have hair.
hair root
anchors hair to the skin cells and is part of the hair located at the bottom of the follicle below the surface of the skin.
hair shaft
is defined as the part of the hair located above the surface of the skin
Blank in the hair Matrix divide and form the three main layers of the hair shaft
basal cells
what are three main layers of the hair shaft? and where are they located?
cuticle is the outermost layer, cortex is the middle, and medulla is the center or innermost layer of the hair shaft.
anagen phase
is the growth stage during which new hair is produced
catagen phase
is the transition stage of hair growth. in the catagen stage, mitosis ceases. the hair grows upward and detaches itself from the dermal papilla.
telogen phase
is the final, or resting, stage of hair growth. hair may sit in the follicle or fall out.
latent phase
follicle is empty and dormant
hair removed in which stage is more effective for long-term hair reduction. and why
hairs removed in the anagen stage, while the hair bulb is more "active", will be more effective for long-term hair reduction.
Blank are good barometers of an individual's state of health.
hair and skin
excessive hair growth on the face, arms, and, legs, especially in women.
an excessive growth of hair. it is characterized by the growth of terminal hair in areas of the body that normally grows only vellus hair.
excessive growth on a female body
first, the amount of hair an individual has differs from person to person. what is normal for one person might be extreme for another person. second, in women excessive growth is due to hormone imbalances.
methods of hair removal fall into two general categories
temporary and permanent
what is considered the only true method of permanent hair removal
electrolysis the process of removing hair by means of electricity.
What are the 3 methods of electrolysis
galvanic, thermolysis, blend
galvanic electrolysis
this method uses direct current, which causes chemical decomposition of the hair follicle.
this method of electrolysis utilizes a high-frequency current to produce heat, which coagulates and destroys the hair.
blend method
combines both galvanic ands thermolysis. sends both ac and DC current through the needle at the same time.
laser-acronym for
light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
geek words meaning light, heat, and destruction. this method is the precise targeting of a structure using a specific wavelengths of light that absorbs light into that target area alone, which damages it with heat.
intense pulsed light
different from a traditional laser, the first-generation lasers were a solid beam of light. pulsed light (or photo light) produces a quick "flash" of light. These short, powerful pulses shatter their target without allowing heat to build up and burn the surrounding skin. IPL is used for hair reduction, as well as for vascular and pigmented lesions and skin treatments.
what are the 2 methods of temporary hair removal. give a brief explanation of each
depilation. removing hair at or near the level of the skin. epilation. the process of removing hair from the bottom of the follicle by breaking contact between the bulb and the papilla.
examples of depilation
shaving and depilatories. shaving is the main method of depilation. dipilatories are usually chemical that dissolves hair
list methods of epilation
1. Tweezing. 2. electronic tweezers. 3. threading. 4. sugaring. 5. waxing.
Give an advantage of threading
the thread is discarded after use, so it is more sanitary than waxing.
what is the primary method that estheticians use for hair removal
when waxing, it is important to do this to keep the skin from being damaged
hold the skin taunt
what are waxes made from
rosins ( derived from resins of pine trees), beeswax, paraffin, honey, and other wax substances. waxes may include additives to address the needs of different skin types.
what are some additives that can be used in wax?
azulene or chamomile may be used for sensitive skin. tea tree oil may be added for its soothing and antiseptic benefits.
how is excessive wax removed
with an oil based solution if it is not soluble in water.
hard wax are available in
blocks, disks, pellets, or beads
what is folliculitis
infected follicles or ingrown hairs from shaving or other hair removal methods such as waxing.
what is the main detector to using soft wax?
because of the ingredients it can be irritating to the skin.
what is an ideal tool for spreading wax? why?
a stainless steel or hard plastic spatula. it can be cleaned and reused after each use.
wax strips should be cut to
the size of the area you are going to use, plus an inch or two on the end to hold onto.
why is it important to have correct size of strips?
less material is wasted and more effective pulling is ensured.
estimate the number of strips needed
for each service and prepare these ahead of time.
the width of the leg strip is the size of the wax roll
approximately 3 inches.
refers to razor bumps or ingrown hairs without pus or infection.
size of bikini underarm wax strip
1.5 to 2 inches wide by 5 to 6 inches length
name 2 products that help protect the skin while waxing
powder and pre-wax products
contraindications for waxing
1. leg wax should not be done on clients with varicose veins. 2. recent cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, laser, or IPL treatments. 3. recent use of exfoliating topical medication including retin-a, Renova, tazorac, differin, Azelex, other peeling agents, or vitamin a topical products on the area. 4. recent use of topical or oral cortisone medication. 5. recent use of acne medication such as Accutane. 6. recent use of blood - thinning medication such as Coumadin and warfarin. 7. circulatory disorders such as phlebitis, and thrombosis. 8. chemotherapy or radiation. 9. epilepsy, diabetes, hemophiliacs for face and body waxing. 10. autoimmune disorder such as AIDS and lupus. 11. do not wax over scar tissue, moles, skin tags or warts or varicose veins.
list some post wax precautions
avoid sun exposure, exfoliation, creams with fragrance or other irritating ingredients, and excessive heat like hot tubs or saunas, for asy least 24 to 48 hours.
list some waxing safety precautions
1. the hair should be at least one-fourth inch. trim of it is longer than three-fourths inch. 2. never wax over curves. always do one side of an area at a time or the top and bottom separately. waxing over curves. 3. give clients post wax precautions. .
why do you not wax over a curve
it damages the skin because the pull is not parallel to the skin when going over the curved surface.
client preparation for waxing
1. clean skin thoroughly with a pre-epilation solution such as witch hazel on a cotton pad. 2. powder is applied if a moist area needs to be dried, especially underarms. 3. powder can also protect the skin and make hairs more visible.
for powder do not use blank, instead blank is a better alternative
do not use talcum powder. cornstarch is a better alternative.
when applying wax, how should you hold the spatula
45 degrees or less.
when using soft wax how much of the strip should you leave free for gripping
about 1 inch
when using hard wax, describe how to make a pull tab
end the wax where there is no hair and flick up the end top make a tab

how do you handle a especially sensitive response to wax
cold compress with baking soda mixed in water can be applied to calm the skin and help neutralize reactions from products.
correctly shaped eyebrows have a blank
strong, positive impact on the overall attractiveness of the face.
brow waxing tips for making corrections
if brows are uneven or too thin, leave the stray hairs to grow back in to match the shape the client wants.
how long to schedule a body waxing procedure and how much to charge
30 minutes to an hour. with back chest and shoulders being about 30 to 45 minutes. and costing 30 -50 dollars. full leg an hour and costing 65 -75 dollars.
when using soft wax, what do you do if the skin is dry and flaky
a tiny amount of lotion can be applied and then removed.
what do you need to be careful of about the femoral ridge
never go over the curve of the femoral ridge. wax the top and bottom of the bikini area separately