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What is a facial treatment
A facial is a professional service designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin
Name a difference between services in a medical office and services in a spa
A medical office usually focuses more on corrective skin treatments, whereas spa treatment may focus more on the relaxation experience.
What are the benefits of facial treatments
1 deep cleanses. 2 exfoliates. 3 increases circulation and detoxifies. 4 relaxes the senses, nerves, and muscles . 5 stimulates the skin functions and metabolism. 6 slow down premature aging. 7 Treats conditions such as dryness, willingness, or redness. 8 softens wrinkles and ageing line. 9 helps clear up blemishes and minor acne
Name some skills that will help you in being in the field of aesthetics
1.Connecting with others and knowing how to communicate. 2. Massage techniques in your touch, pressure, flow are valuable parts of your skills. 3. Retailing and client consultations for another part of the job.
Though it is essential to continue your education annually, what are some of its benefits?
Will keep you informed, excited, and motivated
Name some good customer service practices when meeting a client
1. Always approach a client with a smile. 2. Even if you're having a difficult day or have a problem of some sort, keep it to yourself. Time you're with your client is for your client and her needs, not yours. 3. Always exaggeration download returning clients by name. A brief yet warm handshake will make the client feel welcome.
To maintain clients you need to be aware of what of your touch during a massage?
The amount of pressure you apply to the face.
How many extra minutes should you schedule for a client first visit
At least 15 minutes.
When do you do an in-depth skin analysis
Clean to remove impurities and makeup before the in-depth skin analysis and facial treatment
What should you do if the client gets product in their eyes?
Have the client rents and flush the eyes immediately at the sink. Then resume the procedure. If they wear contacts, they may need to remove them before receiving a treatment. Avoid the eye area if appropriate.
The facial procedure checklist 11 step
1 client consultation. 2. Client draping. 3. Warm towels and cleansing. 4. In-depth skin analysis. 5. Exfoliation product or mask. 6 on test softening with steam or warm towels. 7. Also on test, extractions. 8. Massage, massage and masks steps can be reversed. 9. Math clay or hydrating. 10. Toner. 11. Moisturizer and or sunscreen optional serums, eye cream.
Name something facial contraindications that should be discovered on consultation form.
1.Contagious diseases, such as HIV, herpes, or hepatitis, pink eye, or ringworm. 2. Medical conditions, including pregnancy
Name some benefits of steam or warm towels
Warm softens follicles promotes more effective cleansing, prepares the skin for extractions or product penetration, softens superficial lines, and increases circulation.
How is steam used
Steam is typically used before deep cleaning. The steamer nozzle is placed approximately 18 inches away from the client, with an even distribution of steam over the face. The nozzle can be positioned above or below the client space. Steam for 5 to 10 minutes.
If you are using a mass to draw out impurities when should you use it?
If you are drawn out and purity it may be beneficial to apply the mask before using steam and doing extractions.
Benefit of paraffin masks?
It has a temporary plumping and soft mean effect on the skin.
Benefit of toners
Finish the cleansing process by removing any products left on the skin and help balance the skin's ph.
When should you apply products with performance ingredients
Products with performance ingredients will be even more effective when left on the skin and are applied at the end of a treatment.
Sunscreens are often formulated in a blank base
After finishing at the show what are some things you should do
1. Explain to the client what to do next. For example meet you outside the reception area or other appropriate instructions. 2. Recommend she reschedule once a month for a facial and any other services you would believe would benefit her such as a brow wax. 3. Thank her for coming, and let her know you enjoyed meeting her. 4. Make your chart notes and file them away. Clean up the room and prepare for the next client.
How long should you leave on and exfoliate or mask?
8 to 10 minutes
How long should you spend on the massage?
10 minutes
After the first treatment how much time should you plan to explain proper home care to the client
15 minutes
Retailing products for your clients to use at home is blank
Is important to the success of your treatment into your business
Where do you put linens towels and sheets when you're finished with a treatment?
In a covered laundry hamper.
The American industry tends to be oriented towards what
The newest technology available, with a focus on advanced performance ingredients.
What steps may be omitted in a mini facial
In a mini facial omitted steps may include the comprehensive skin analysis, steaming, massage, or extractions.
What's should not be omitted during a mini facial
Deep cleansing and masks are the most important elements of the mini facial because they produce the most visible results and therefore should not be omitted.
Should you shorten your time on a mini facial for the mask?
It should stay on the full 10 minutes.
What is the main reason for dry skin
Inactivity of the sebaceous glands which produced the sebum or oil
What kind of products are necessary to protect and balance dry skin
What are the goals for dry or mature skin
The treatment goals are similar; to hydrate and nourish the skin.
A client skin may have enough oil but still feel dry and flaky due to blank
I lack of water in the skin.
Describe one way to test elasticity of the
By taking a small section of the facial skin or neck between the thumb and forefinger and giving the skin a slight outward pull. When the skin is released, if the elasticity is good, the skin will immediately return to its normal shape.
What does aging or sun- damaged skin need
Aging or Sun damaged skin needs antioxidants topically and orally. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, minerals, green tea, and grape seed extract all help protect the body from free radicals.
Name some other chemicals that can help aging or Sun damaged skin
Alpha hydroxy acids can help combat sigma of aging and sun damage. hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, and glycerin all bind water to the skin and retain moisture that is essential to maturing skin. Peptides, lipids, polyglucan, coenzyme q10, and lioosomes are all beneficial performance ingredients
When does rosacea usually appear
Rosacea is not the same type of skin condition that appears during adolescence, because it does not appear usually before the age of 35
Guidelines to follow when dealing with sensitive skin
1. To suit irritation, a gentle cleanser is the best type of cleanser. 2. Less steam and heat should be used. 3. An enzyme peel formulated skin gently exfoliate the skin. 4. At Reading gel mask is great for calming and toning down redness. 5. Lipids protect the skin, & a serum or moisturizer with lipids is essential for treating sensitive and dry skin.
What are some ways to treat hyperpigmentation
Chemical exfoliation and brightening agents can be effective in reducing some of these hyperpigmented areas. Melanin suppressant agents are also used for this condition.
Name some products and/or vitamins recommended for acne
1. Beta hydroxy acid. Or salicylic acid. 2. sulfur mask. These are effective acne products that exfoliate skin, and heal and dry blemishes. 3. Benzoyl peroxide. This product releases oxygen that kills the bacteria and stop the irritating effects of the bacteria. It also irrigate and sloth out acne impactions. 4. oxygen therapy treatments. These product reduce bacteria. they also oxygenate impacted follicles for easier extraction
Good home care for acne will include what type of cleanser and toner?
A foaming cleanser with an exfoliant. AHA, salicylic acid, or benzoyl is the best choice. Also use a soothing antibacterial toner to calm the skin, control oil, or kill bacteria.
What are the three facets of sustainability
The three E's the environment, the economy, and social equality.
LOHAS is an acronym for
Lifestyle of health stain ability these consumers are forward thinking
Preparation of cotton pads and compresses. How many should you expect to use for client
For each client, you may need a minimum of one pair of eyepads, 1 cotton compressed mask, and 4 to 6 cleansing pads
What can eyepads be made from
4 X 4 inches or 10 × 10 cm cotton squares, prepackaged cotton rounds, or pieces of cotton
How are supplies stored in the dispensary
In clean, covered, labeled containers.
What must you do before performing extractions
The skin must be exfoliated and warmed. it is also important that you wear gloves to perform the extraction and then change the gloves before performing the rest of the facial
Skin areas such as the sides of the nose and cheeks have what kind of follicular shafts
When extracting blackheads from the nose, it is important not to press down on blank
The cartilage that forms the semiflexible part of the bridge of the nose.
Most clients were only tolerate how many minutes of extractions
What are so important considerations when extracting closed comedones
It is necessary to open closed lesions. Closed lesions are removed in the same manner as blackheads except that an opening in the dead cell layer must first be made. This is done by placing a lancet 35 degrees to the skin surface in pricking the top of the dead cell layer to make an opening for the debris to pass through
What are considerations when dealing with men's skin care products
Men prefer simple routines and multipurpose products. They would rather have a combined cleanser and toner. They also like the foaminess of soaps, so a foaming cleanser is a good choice.
Name some important aspects of a man's facial
First, sponges and towels are more appropriate for a man's face. Cotton pads or gauze will grab the beard hair, leaving particles clinging to the faith.
What is folliculitis
It is inflammation of the hair follicles. This can be a problem for many men, especially if they have very coarse or curly beard hair. Folliculitis is an infection characterized by inflammation and pus.
About how much product should you use when using a water-soluble cleansing lotion
Apply approximately one-half teaspoon of the product to the fingers or palm of the hand. Water soluble cleansing lotion is preferred over phone lee creatures synchronizing the face because it can be removed easier with moistened cotton pads or sponges.
When applying a paraffin mass how long should the client wait for the wax to harden and be ready to remove
15 minutes