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people like Orlando who purchase goods and services on behalf of companies for the companies' use in manufacturing, distribution, or sale

Organizational buyers

***_______ marketers specialize in meeting the needs of organization such as corporations

Business-to-business (B2B)

***Shopping is an activity that can be performed for either utilitarian or _______ reasons


a framework that characterizes organizational buying decisions in terms of how much cognitive effort is involved in making a decision

;;________ theory of purchasing

buyclass theory of purchasing

the part of an organization charged with making purchasing decisions

buying center

habitual decision

straight rebuy

involves limited decision making; occurs when an organization wants to repurchase a product or service but also wants to make some minor modifications

modified rebuy

a ____ _____ involves extensive problem solving. Because the company hasn't made a similar decision already, there is often a serious risk that a product won't perform as it should or that it will be too costly;;a buying center with assorted specialists to evaluate the purchase, and they typically gather a lot of information before they come to a decision

new task

B2B _-__________ refers to internet interactions between two or more busines or organizations

Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce

online program that lets several people change a document on a Web page and then track those changes


this approach asserts that groups of people with knowledge about an industry, are collectively, better predictors of the future than are any of them as individuals

prediction market

similar to a firm that outsources production to a subcontractor; companies call upon outsiders from around the world to solve problems their own scientists can't handle


traditional family structure in which several generations live together

extended family

a contemporary living arrangement composed of a married couple and their children

nuclear family

according to the U.S. Census Bureau, an occupied housing unit;;one person living alone, three roommates, or two lovers constitute this


grown children who return to their parents' home to live

boomerang kids

_________ generation is a description of middle-aged people who must care for both children and parents simultaneously

sandwich generation

a rate determined by the number of births per year per 1,000 women of childbearing age.

fertility rate

acronym for Double Income, No Kids; a consumer segment with a lot of disposable income


a classification scheme that segments consumers in terms of changes in income and family composition and the changes to demands placed on this income;;(FLC)

family life cycle (FLC)

a decision in which the group agrees on the desired purchase and differs only in terms of how it will be achieved;;

___________ purchase decision

consensual purchase decision

the process of using bargaining, coercion, compromise, and the wielding of power to achieve agreement among group members who have different preferences or priorities;;

_________________ purchase decision

accommodative purchase decision

the definition of a household by family members that it presents to members and to those outside the family unit;;family ________

family identity

groups in companies and families that customer networks invest in products and services to help them reach collective identity goals;;________ ________

customer networks

mothers who "hover" around their kids and insert themselves into virtually all aspects of their lives

helicopter moms

when one family member chooses a product for the whole family;;_____________ decision

autonomic decision

decision involving both partners;vacation destination;;____________ decisions

syncretic decisions

developing countries where analysts predict women will be a dominant force in the local economy


blurring of sex roles in modern society; men and women increasingly express similar attitudes about balancing home life and work

gender convergence

the individual who keeps track of the family's bills and decides how to spend any surplus funds

family financial officer (FFO)

working mothers' attempts to compromise between conflicting cultural ideals of motherhood and professionalism;;

________ lifestyle

juggling lifestyle

the rituals intended to maintain ties among family members, both immediate and extended;;primarily women;;___-network system

kin-network system

a model of spousal decision making in which the husband and wife take a common view and act as joint decision makers, assigning each other well-defined roles and making mutually beneficial decisions to maximize the couple's joint utility;;

Synoptic ______

synoptic ideal

___________ yielding occurs when a parental decision maker "surrenders" to a child's request

Parental yielding

the process by which people acquire skills that enable them to function in the marketplace;;kids;;

consumer __________________

consumer socialization

Marketers segment kids in terms of their stage of ___________ development, or their ability to comprehend concepts of increasing complexity as a person matures

stage of cognitive development

***a perspective that argues for other types of intelligence, such as athletic prowess or musical ability, beyond the traditional math and verbal skills psychologists use to measure IQ;;ie:Dora the explorer;;_________-intelligence theory

Multiple-intelligence theory

***A _______ includes a buyer, a seller, a product or service and other factors such as how the physical environment makes one feel.

consumption situation

***Whichof the following best identifies what consumers primarily look for in products?

quality and value

***Like end consumers, organizational buyers are influenced by both internal and external stimuli. Which of the following is an example of an organizational buyer's internal stimuli?

the buyer's willingness to take risks