Men And Men Buying Behavior Case Study

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When defining consumer behavior, it’s the set of value seeking activities that take place as people go about addressing their real needs (Babin, B. J., & Harris, E. G.). Men and women purchasing behavior comes from their differences in their up bring and socialization. Depending on the consumer’s behavior and the various situations that they are in, usually shows it. This is all related to the consumer buying behavior which evaluates their Need recognition, their evaluation of alternatives, and their post purchase reaction. This leads me to discuss the difference between women and men difference that determines their purchasing and buying behavior. First I will focus on the key impacts of their influencing factors that create their buying behavior. …show more content…
Man advertisement is usually focused on one thing, and that is used to show them the big picture of what is being advertised to them. The top images that advertisers use to target man’s buying behavior are sex, humor, toughness. A man usually don’t respond to colors and fancy images like woman do, it’s usually a quick message with a direct meaning that sent to them that triggers their buying behavior. Another thing about men’s misconception about them changes as they get older; they gain a utilitarian influence that comes from the men’s self-preference. As men get older, they tend to not care what people think about them and lose their hedonic motivation and gain a utilitarian motivation (Babin, B. J., & Harris, E. G.). Women tend to keep both utilitarian and hedonic influences, which is why women are marketed to more than man, especially on beauty and clothing.
When both genders are targeted, men are listed as people who buy, while women shop. It’s a mission for men when they shop, they want something, they find it, they get it, and this is their version of their buying behavior. Women are the shoppers because when they go shopping for certain items they tend to take their time and look for more than the main item they went there to get, and there is more than just a primary item they get, their multiple. Men have the difference of checking out fast while women are time takers, which means they
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These also relate to Consumer behavior being so dynamic now. It displays how powerful the behavior of the consumer is. It’s the process of how the consumer is thinking, their actions, feelings, and the society, ethnicity, and group that a person comes from (Babin, B. J., & Harris, E. G.). Consumer behavior is the all-around study of how a person purchases something, and what makes consumer behavior so dynamic, is the fact that it is always changing. It changes because people change. As society changes, trends change, and technology evolves, so does the both women and men as consumer behavior and decisions change. As both genders get older, so does their buying behavior and how they are targeted by marketers as

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