Situational Analysis La-Natural

A situational analysis is used to identify a company strength and weakness. This process help a company understand the business and their customers. It identifies the internal and external threats the may prohibit a business performance. La-Natural is developing company and situational analysis will be essential to company success.

La-Natural is a new company establishing its brand in the skin cares industry. The assessment of the company strength and weakens will help company develop strategies and improve the overall company performance. The situational analysis will be a collective way for the company to identify internal and external factors that will the company understand their business, competitors, environment,
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The customer recognize they have a problem because the need product or service. They research the product and gather information and compare contracts the product. The consumers consider all the pros and cons of the product or service and evaluate the options and make a purchase. The process is not based on an impose purchases. The consumers make their purchase based on a need or want. There are many external influences when making a purchase such as personal preferences, emotional, and environmental. Companies have to understand the consumer purchase process to know how to market and advertise their product to compel to the customers’ needs and …show more content…
A company can be affect by policies and regulations on the government. The change can economic, legal, or social. These factors can affect a company growth and revenue stream. A company must following that laws and state and federal level.
The social and cultural factors help a company develop a marketing strategy with launching a new product or idea. These factors include lifestyle, values, education, background, and religion. It incorporates families, social organization, and communities. The social and cultural factors influences on the target consumer. A company needs to understand these factors help the market and target their customer from their own point of view.
La-Natural competitors are established companies in the skin care industry. The company is competing with Herbs stores, Bee, whole stores with natural products. The company has limited distribution to distributing to mass production of consumer. The competitors’ advantage is brand recognition and can offer lower price because of mass production of the products. La-Natural marketing their muscle healing rub to mist to competitions and athletes venues such Cheer Sport and Tumbling Competition. She is targeting dance studios and fitness group to promote her product. Riley is focus on the quality and substance of what her customer are purchasing. Her competitors are focusing on sales and mass production

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