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Software refers to....
Paragraphs in your report are examples of...
A storage disk is an example of which component?
MIS includes...
(1) The development of Information Systems.
(2) The use of Information Systems.
(3) Assisting businesses to achieve goals.
All information systems have...
All five components
Nonroutine cognitive skills include...
(1) Abstract reasoning
(2) Collaborative skills
(3) Problem solving
(4) Communication technique
An example of a set of instructions is...
An example of an actor in the five component framework is the...
An example of a low tech system would be...
An email program and a file of email addresses.
Changing which component is most disruptive to the organization?
... systems are designed to keep track of customers' maintenance schedules
Customer Support
Data is...
recorded facts
Information is...
(1) the difference that makes a difference
(2) processed data
(3) data presented in a meaningful way
(4) grouped data
... occur(s) in information systems when the output of one system feeds another.
Context Changes
Systems that develop information in near real time are usually more...
As an information user, you should be skeptical of...
Web Pages
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of good information:
Management needs just barely sufficient information because of...
Time Limitations
Information Relevance refers to...
Both context and subject
There needs to be a correlation between the cost of information and its...
Unique products tailored to customer demands are produced by...
high-value organizations
Which of the following is NOT a symbolic-analytic worker?
In-Person Service providers
Solution brokers
In-Person Service providers
Symbolic-analytic services are required by...
high-value organizations
... are an assembly of the five component framework.
Information Systems
Moore's Law implies that the .......... of a computer chip doubles every 18 months.
Effective .......... means that the work produced by the group is greater than the sum of the individual output.
Which of the following items is NOT considered to be a critical factor for collaboration?
Content Management
Workflow Controls
The process by which content is created, edited, used, and disposed is termed ...
Workflow Management
Face-to-face meetings are an example of ..........communication.
Employees who work different shifts at the same factory will meet ...
Which of the following is an example of a synchronous meeting?
Multiparty text chat
Discussion forums
Team surveys
Multiparty Text Chat
A ......... is an example of a virtual meeting.
Conference Call
.......... systems track shared content and usually eliminate the problems seen with concurrent document access.
Shared documents are often stored in shared directories called...
Monty sent both Chris and Linda a copy of the report on Monday to review before their Tuesday meeting. This is an example of ...
Parallel Workflow
Activity A must occur before activity B, which, in turn, must be completed before activity C can commence. This is an example of a .......... workflow.
If someone pretends to be someone else on the Internet, it is called ...
Electronic networks that only appear to be private, but actually function across a public network are called...
Virtual Private Networks
Decisions occur at what level of the organization?
How much raw material to order from a vendor is an example of .......... decisions.
Information systems that support operational decision making are called ...
A(n) .......... has no agreed-upon decision making process.
Unstructured Decision Process
.......... are the most important collaboration systems for unstructured decision making processes.
Communication Systems
Identifying solution alternatives and choosing an alternative involve...
Iteration Feedback
A problem is a ...
View of a situation
The requirements that are to be achieved by a project are called the ...
Projects are .......... applications for the achievement of some goal.
.......... are vital to decision making, problem solving, and project management.
Communications Systems
Mark realized that his was the correct version, and that Janet and Jill were obviously wrong. This is an example of .......... thinking.
Sally realized that Jack and Harry viewed the situation very differently from her, and tried to understand what each thought. This is an example of .......... thinking.
An analysis of which of the following will lead to competitive strategy?
Value Chains
Business Processes
Information Systems
Value Chains
Porter's five forces model includes all of the following, EXCEPT:
threat of substitution.
competition among existing firms.
threat of new entrants.
information systems.
Information Systems
The intensity of the five forces determines...
how sustainable the profitability will be
`McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's are examples of which of the five forces?
Rivalry among existing firms.
Alice is considering getting either a used car or a scooter to get back and forth to work. The car and the scooter would be an example of...
threat of substitutions
There is only a single drug to treat Henry's disease. This is an example of...
threat of subsitutions, strong force
Mary, a teenager, gets $8 per hour for babysitting. Steven lives two doors down and turns 15 next month. Mary is worried that Steven may want to start earning extra money by babysitting, too, and may charge less money. This is a problem of...
threat of new entrants
Rent-a-wreck operates in twenty cities, renting older cars inexpensively. This is an example of...
low-cost focus
Batteries Only carries every type of battery you can imagine, from autos to watches. This is an example of...
differentiation, industry-wide
The difference between the amount of money someone is willing to spend on a product and the cost of producing that product is called the...
The amount of money that someone is willing to pay for a product is the...
Value chains consist of...
five primary and four support activities
Which of the following is NOT a primary activity?
The total margin for a value chain comes from...
the values plus the costs of all activities.
Transforming raw materials into finished products occurs where along the value chain?
Training is part of which activity?
Human Resources
Negotiating prices with vendors is part of which activity?
The idea that businesses should create new business processes that integrate all of the value chain activities is...
business process design
The cost of business processes is...
the costs of inputs plus the costs of activities.
The margin of a business process is...
the value of outputs minus the cost.
Business processes are networks of activities where value is generated by...
inputs being transformed into outputs
Which of the following is not a means of streamlining business processes to increase margin?
Increasing effectiveness
One way to keep suppliers is to make it easy for them to connect and work with the firm. This is called...
locking in.
Good information systems like those of the delivery company in the book help create a competitive advantage by...
(1) enhancing existing services.
(2) differentiating the users from competitors.
(3) creating systems that will lock in customers.
(4) raising barriers to market entry.
An example of a strong password is...
a combination of capital & lowercase letters, numbers AND characters.
An example of a processing device would be...
special function cards
Which of the following is NOT an example of input hardware?
Tablet PCs.
Scantron test scanners.
What are some examples of storage devices?
(1) Magnetic disks.
(2) Tapes.
(3) DVDs.
Main memory works in conjunction with:
Cache and main memory will lose their contents when the power is off. They are...
Which of the following is an example of an optical disk?
Digital versatile disks.
Magnetic disks.
Memory disks.
Data bus disks
Digital versatile disks
Video processors consist of .......... and ........... which store and process images.
CPU & Memory
Which of the following functions are NOT performed by servers?
Email processing.
Database sharing.
Processing Web sites.
Word processing.
Word Processing
The .......... controls a client computer's resources.
Operating system.
Every computer has a(n) ..........; many also have ..........
Operating System & Application Programs
Unix was developed by...
Bell Labs.
Quickbooks is an example of...
general application software.
Which of the following is NOT a type of computer software which can be bought?
Off-the-shelf with alterations.
All can be purchased.
.......... require(s) programs other than a browser on the user's computer.
Thick Clients
.......... is/are software installed into print servers.
Client-server applications
Microsoft offers a(n) .......... license to move from Windows XP to Vista.
Microsoft Office is an example of a...
horizontal-market software
An example of a vertical-market software is...
Which of the following is NOT an example of a virus?
Trojan horse.
Slammer was an example of a(n)...
Vendor-created program modifications are called...
Which of the following is generally true about small to medium organizations?
Policies are usually fairly formal.
Because of their size, managers need not take an active role in setting specifications.
Usually these are standardized on a single client operating system.
Usually these are standardized on a single client operating system.
An example of a task involved in assessing the results of the proposed budget is...
Considering the budget in the context of the firm's competitive strategy.
Reasons why additional budgetary items may be added in the future include...
(1) new hires.
(2) additional functions.
(3) upgrades of system.
Department budgets for computers may need to include...
overhead fees
Dr. Fried wants to keep track of patient visits and patient phone calls. She can set up two separate spreadsheets for these, or she can create a ...
Records are also called ...
A group of similar rows is called a...
A key is a .......... that serves as a unique identifier.
Relational databases represent relationships using...
Foreign Keys
A ........... is a self-describing collection of integrated records.
Monty couldn't remember what was in the database, but he knew that he could check the .......... inside the database and find out.
The program used to create and administer a database is called a(n) ...
Database Management System
An open source DBMS product is...
An international standard language for processing a database is...
Reports are used to...
show data in a structured content
Three of the problems that arises in a multi-user environment is:
(1) lost-update.
(2) data conflicts.
(3) locking.
.......... products process workgroup databases.
Enterprise DBMS
Larry created a logical representation of the database data called a(n) ...
Data Model
Groups of attributes, whose value is associated with a single entity instance is called a(n) ...
.......... refers to the number of entities that can be involved in a relationship.
Bruce looked at the tables and declared that they were not normalized. He meant that...
they were poorly formatted
Part of the DBA backup and recovery responsibilities is...
Four examples of database development responsibilities are...
(1) creating the DBA function.
(2) forming the steering committee.
(3) validating the data model.
(4) evaluating designs.
An example of database operations responsibilities is...
Managing processing rights
Three major causes of the need for adaptation are...
(1) database
(2) changes that benefit one group of users
(3) new features
When an earthquake occurs, it is usually the responsibility of the .......... to manage the recovery process.
Kant referred to the essence of things in themselves as the...
Noumenal World
The hospital's computers are connected using a:
To connect DOC Industries' twelve locations, the firm employs a:
-a problem
-an email nuisance
-a waste of company resources
Sending an email with pictures of your last holiday to your friend at work while you are working could be:

The unique identifier of every network interface card is called the:
layered protocols
Seamless data communications across an internet is the result of:
it reduces signal interference
Wires are twisted in the connection cables because:
(1) Always start with the numbers 802
(2) IEEE 802.3 is most popular
(3) The protocol standard for IEEE 802.3 is also called Ethernet
What are three attributes of IEEE LAN protocols?
transmission speed in Mbps
10/100/100 Ethernet refers to:
Linda's new PDA has a ..................... to allow it to connect to the Internet.
access points
WNICs operate according to 802.11 protocols and connect through...........................
cable TV lines to optical fiber
Cable modems connect through a combination of ......................., and offer a shared capacity.
point to point lines
The fastest transmission speed is available through which of the following?
-Point to point lines
Which of the following would offer the fastest upstream transmission?
-Point to point lines
point to point
Which of the following spans geographically distributed sites using lines provided by licensed vendors?
-Point to point
Which of the following leases time on a public switched data network that is operated by an independent party?
wavy signals
Modems convert digital signals to:
digital subscriber lines
DSL stands for:
DSL lines that operate with different receiving and transmitting speeds are called:
communication speeds
Narrowband and broadband refers to ........................
coaxial cable
Cable modems use ...................... and have different upstream and downstream speeds.
access device
A router is a(n):
PSDN network
The POP is the access point into the:
client software
The ...................... encrypts messages so that it can be sent safely through VPN communications.
A document's address on the web is called the:
The process of changing a public IP address to a private IP address is called:
Switches know where to send traffic that they receive because of a ....................
The physical address assigned to each NIC at the factory is called the:
An application layer protocol that is used for processing Web pages is:
hire a translator
In order to localize a Web page, a firm will need to:
the metadata is not translated
Which of the following is a problem with localizing and distributing databases?
-cross-functional systems
-cross-departmental systems
-process-based systems
Systems that handle activities across departmental boundaries are called:

recording leads
Which of the following is NOT a part of the lead generation function?
-recording leads
-inventory information management
-shipping scheduling
-customer service
Name three functions included in operations systems?
Dell views its inventory as a liability, and specializes in a ..................... inventory policy.
The list of materials needed to construct a product is called the ..................
...................... refers to a signal to build something.
Information systems that plan only the need for materials and their inventories for manufacturing are:
dividend payments
The human resources system does NOT include:
Which of the following is NOT part of an accounting system?
-financial reporting
-management of dividends
the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
................... was enacted to prevent future frauds like those perpetuated by Enron and WorldCom.
functional systems
Business processes are disjointed in:
there is an unlimited amount of information
Which of the following is NOT a consequence of isolated systems?
-they cannot provide integrated enterprise info
-they are inefficient
-they result in increased expense
-there is an unlimited amt of info
Built-in processes for using software are called:
Which of the following is not a phase of the customer life cycle?
-relationship management
................... applications help customers determine the status of their orders.
ERP is an outgrowth of which system?
They are expensive, but easily implemented
Which of the following is NOT true about ERP systems?
-They provide a cross-functional view of the organization.
-They provide a process view of the organization.
-Data is centrally maintained.
-They are expensive, but easily implemented.
inventory reduction
One of the potential benefits of an ERP system is:
converting data
Implementing an ERP systems includes:
-enables a gradual move to ERP
-connects islands of isolation
-provides integration of information
-leverages existing systems

identifying sources of problems
The first step in implementing an EAI project is:
-fear of the unknown -fear of job loss -comfort with old methods/systems -threats to self-efficacy
The reason that employees resist change is:

change management
................... is a blend of engineering, business, psychology, and sociology that tries to understand the dynamics of organizational alterations and develops methods and procedures for it.
Harvey announced that he was integrating the CRM and SRM systems into an ERP system at a kick-off meeting, so that the entire company would become ....................
_____________ provide and deliver goods and services at a stated price.
application tier
Which of the following is not part of the three tiers:
-application tier
-server tier
-database tier
-user tier
Variables that provide properties about a tag are called:
viral marketing
Word of mouth advertising is called _____________.
social networks
People with similar interests can connect through:
If you are watching television and decide that you want to purchase the car that you see, Web 2.0 can allow the television producer and auto manufacturer to ________ their products by allowing you to click on the item and be taken to the auto manufacturer's Web site.
Because of ___________, not every supply chain includes manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.
Supply chain performance is NOT affected by:
the bullwhip effect
The variability in the size of orders will increase at each stage along the supply chain is known as:
the difference between the sum of the generated revenues and the sum of the costs incurred.
Supply chain profitability is calculated by:
multistage nature of the supply chain
The bullwhip effect occurs because of the ________________.
What is the business process that manages contacts between an organization and its suppliers?
Receiving goods is part of which major SRM process?
Which of the following is not a major SRM activity?
Writing and installing programs that exploit holes in security systems is:
formatted documents
Alternatives for interorganizational message exchange do NOT include:
-formatted documents
-tags have no consistent meanings
-there are a fixed number of tags
-HTML mixes formatting
-HTML mixes structure
List four problems of HTML:
A key part of the standards for Web services is ____________.
web standards
The W3C sponsors the development of ____________.
One-of-a-kind solutions are considered ____________.
remote computing
____________ is the process of programs on one computer accessing those on another computer.
____________ is a Web processing philosophy that is implemented by Web services.
time and cost
Web services provide ___________ savings.
XML documents
Web service data are transmitted in _______________.
__________ information systems require collaborative agreements among independent organizations.