The Planning Step Of The ERP Implementation Process And Implementation Process

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a. The planning step of the ERP implementation process requires: Needs assessment and Business justification
Within the planning step of implementing the ERP system, it requires a needs assessment and business justification prior to implementation. The needs assessment provides business justification for the purchase of the software. The needs assessment phase is important because of the major investment in an ERP system and the impact it has on an organization.
The business justification of the planning step of the implementation of an ERP system includes tangible and intangible benefits. Those benefits include inventory reduction, operating cost reductions, overdue accounts collection, process improvement, and reduction in cycle times.
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The design step involves a: Requirements analysis and Systems design options
Within the design phase of the ERP implementation, the project sponsors introduce the best practices, which the ERP system supports. This involves re-engineering business processes to fit the software. The design step consists of two requirements; the requirement analysis and the system design options.
The requirement analysis analyzes current business processes and specifies the processes that need to be supported by the ERP software. With the requirement analysis, the company should review a checklist of activities to ensure they are choosing the right ERP system for their business. It is important for a company to select a system that fits with their specific organizations goals and competitive strategy. The tools and technology utilized within the requirement analysis stage is to use the best practice models to see what the company can gain by implementing the new
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Typically, a company will have to contract with a technical support specialists from the ERP software supplier to assist them with the implementation process. Additionally, the ERP implementation includes establishing security and permissions, so users have the access they need when utilizing the ERP software. Companies who are implementing the ERP system within their organization need to be sure user training is being provided as this could determine the success or failure of the ERP system. When a company looks to implement the ERP system, they need to determine if they want to cutover directly to the new system or phase into

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