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Step 1 - Define the scope and function of the enterprise you have selected. Identify the requirements of your database.

Engineering Orientation Program

The system I have selected is the Engineering Orientation Program. This is a student run organization through the college of Engineering. This is a one day program in the beginning of the school year to help the transition into college for incoming freshman. It helps the freshman stay updated on network events and helps them stay involved with the College of Engineering the whole year. The incoming freshman students are placed in groups with an upperclassman mentor who will be leading the orientation with them. This will allow the rating system between students and mentors. The proposed system will also make scheduling events for
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If there is any violation in this key constraints this resembles tuple constraint violation.

Task 3.5 Other constraints
The primary key value should not be null and must be unique. (Entity integrity constraint)

Step 4

Task 4.1. Initial set of relations

The initial set of relations without normalization are:


Each Student is uniquely identified by his/her college email, and further described by his/her student name, cell number, and team color.


A mentor is uniquely identified by his/her college e-mail, and further described by his/her name, major, team color, and cell number.


Each director is uniquely identified by his/her email and is further described by his/her name, team color and cell number.


Each rating is uniquely identified by a submission number, and further described by availability and comments.


Questions are uniquely identified by question number, and further identified by subject and answer.


Each event is uniquely identified by event name, and further described by location, and

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