Project Scope Risk Factors

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When developing a project there is a logical sequence that it must go through before it becomes an end product. Discussions amongst senior leadership and team members are held at various stages to ensure the project is including established requirements. Furthermore, identifying requirements of a project leads to minimizing risk of project failure. In this assignment I will discuss the project scope, risk factors, system boundaries, and actors.

The project scope is determined in the initial phase of planning (Schneider 2). Planning the project scope consist of establishing goals, objectives and tasks. Also, in the project scope resources and budget consideration are discussed to understand how the project can be maximized within this framework.
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From the week 2 discussion forum we understand how the use case document is comprised and what it will consist of. Ultimately, the project scope is one of the mechanisms used by project manager to decrease risk and maximize project investments.
Next, risk factors and their influences will be examined. For this illustration we will examine 5 risk factors surrounding a project for an order processing system. From the text we will examine the risk factors: Team members inexperienced, Prevention of lost orders due to system failure, Handling of database failure, management of simultaneous users in different parts of the system, and management of system wide overload (Schneider 9). The inexperience of team members seems to be a
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This means that an actor may physical but in some cases they may be another system interacting with your project. For instance, when purchasing an item on eBay, the actors is user placing the order, and possibly other eBay community members. In the case where interactions between a user, browser, and the server it contacts; the actors in this case are the user and the server in question. Lastly, when playing a DVD, the actors are the user and the DVD player. This information is important to ensure that we are fully aligned with the needs of the

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