Footlocker Incorporated Case Study

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Austin Martinez
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Case One: Management Information Systems Chapters 1 & 2. Footlocker Incorporated Technology and information systems are increasingly used in businesses to reduce costs and increase gains throughout the marketplace. Information systems have created a comparative advantage for businesses as technology has become a major way businesses operate (Bidgoli, 3). Information systems like Point-of-Sale (POS) and financial information systems (FIS) are used to improve common practices such as inventory and disbursement (4). Information systems can be seen in most individual tech and consumer items like Personal Data Assistants (PDA), mobile devices, and applications (5). In all, information systems are used to make better
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Computers now exceed human capabilities in speed, accuracy, retrieval, and storage. Unlike humans, computers do not make errors (30). Computers reduce processing time while allowing knowledgeable workers to better perform. Another major advantage of using computers is its ability to store massive amounts of information in very small spaces. In addition, computers are able to locate information in a very short time (31). Users increase a computer’s capability by sharing information and performing repetitive tasks (39). One example, financial planning software, processes large amounts of data to report present and future values. Financial information systems also measure depreciation, and planning. With financial information systems the user is able to analyze an array of financial scenarios (41). Today, use of computer and software programs are widespread. It common to find personal devices with the ability to process and relay information. Businesses are now using mobile platforms as means of advertisement. This is seen in video ads, promotional messages, and subscriptions. Social networking has become a platform businesses use to share information to its consumers. Businesses use mobile devices and social networking to communicate with each …show more content…
For Foot Locker, this includes promotions and consumer targeting to maximize sales. Foot Locker uses in-store MIS for inventory control. In-store systems like scanners allow the company to better manage prices and inventory. This allow Foot Locker to incorporate improvements to individual stores while connecting to its broader systems. With MIS, Foot Locker is able to integrate its computers, sending relevant information to its employees in multiple locations. This also includes training material and customer service programs. Since Foot Locker operates in multiple regions and states, this would require the company to be aware of external factors contributing to market fluctuations. Foot Locker seeks to operate in high urban, high traffic retail areas. These areas include malls, shopping centers, and mass retailers. This would require information systems to gather relevant data and compare multiple variables that would affect sales. One important factor for global retailers is currency exchange and tax rates. These factors contribute to operations, requiring MIS to avoid error and accurately inform the company to properly distribute inventory and prices. One method Foot Locker uses is called the Retail Inventory Method (RIM). This method is commonly used by retail companies to value inventories in a cost-to-retail percentage (30). In short terms, RIM is a combination of

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