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hanc tibi, Fronto pater, genetrix Flacilla, puellam

To you, Fronto, father, and mother, Flacilla, I entrust this girl,

oscula commendo deliciasque meas;

my little sweety and my darling;

parvula ne nigras horrescat Erotion umbras

so that tiny Erotion may not shudder at the dark shadows

oraque Tartarel prodigiosca canis.

and the monstrous mouths of the dog of the underworld.

impletura fuit sextae modo frigora brumae,

She is going to complete the chills of her sixth winter now,

vixisset totidem ni minus illa dies.

if she had not lived as many days too few.

inter tam veteres laudat lasciva patronos

Among so old protectors may she play mischievously

et nomen blaeso garriat ore meum.

and may she chatter my name with lisping mouth.

mollia non rigidus caespes tegat ossa; nec illi,

May the turf not harshly cover her soft bones; and may you,

terra, gravis fueris: non fuit illa tibi.

earth, not be heavy for her: she was not for you.