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cunarum fueras motor, Charideme, meurum et pueri custos assiduusque comes.

You had been the rocker of my cradle, Charidemus, and the guardian and constant companion for me as a boy.

iam mihi nigres**** tonsa sudaria barba

Now the barber's towels grow black when my beard has been shaved

et queritur labris puncta puella meis;

and my girl complains when prickled by my lips;

sed tibi non crevi: te noster villicus horret,

but to you I have not grown up: our estate manager trembles at you,

te dispensator, te domus ipsa pavet.

our accountant fears you, the house itself fears you,

Iudere nec nobis nec tu permittis amare;

You allow us neither to play nor to love;

nil mihi vis et vis cuncta licere tibi.

you want nothing to be allowed to me and you want everything to be allowed to you.

corripus, observas, quereris, suspiria ducis,

You scold, you watch, you complain, you sigh,

et vix a ferulis temperat ira tua.

and your anger scarcely refrains from the canes.

si Tyrios sumpsi cultus unxive capillos,

If I have taken up purple clothes or I have dressed my hair,

exclamas 'numquam fecerat ista pater';

you exclaim 'your father had never done those things';

et numeras nostros astricta fronte trientes,

and you count our drinking cups with knotted brow,

tamquam de cella sit cadus ille tua.

as if that wine jar were from your cellar.

desine; non possum libertum ferre Catonem.

Stop; I cannot bear a killjoy freedman.

esse virum iam me dicet amica tibi.

My girlfriend will tell you that I am already a man.