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castigabat quidam filium suum quod paulo sumptuosius equos et canes emeret.

A man was telling his son off because he was buying horses and dogs a little too extravagantly in his opinion.

huic ego iuvene digresso dixi:

When the young man had left, I said to him:

'heus tu, nimquamne fecisti, quod a patre corripi posset?

'Hey you! have you never done anything which could be critised by your father?

" fecisti" dico.

"have you done?" I say.

non iterdum facis quod filius tuus, si repente pater ille tu filius, pari gravitate reprehendat?

Do you not sometimes do the sort of thing which your son, if he suddenly became the father and you became the son, would scold you for with equal harshness?

non omnes homines aliquo errore ducuntur?

Are not all men led astray by some fault?

non hic in illo sibi, in hoc alius indulget?'

Doesn't this man indulge himself that thing and another man in this thing?'

haec ego, admonitus exemplo immodicae severitatis, tibi pro amore mutuo scripsi, ne quando tu quoque filium tuum acerbius duriusque tractares.

Warned by this example of excessive severity, I have written these things for you, out of mutual affection, so that you may not at some time also treat your son too sternly and too harshly.

cogita et illum puerum esse et te fuisse,

Consider both that he is a boy and that you were a boy,

atque hoc quod es pater ita utere ut memineris et hominem esse te et homines patrem.

and use the fact that you are a father in such a way that you keep in mind both that you are a man and the father of a man.