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lifi magister, parce simplici turbae.

Schoolteacher, be lenient to the young crowd.

sic te frequentes audiant capillati

In this way, crowded together, long-haired children would listen to you

et delictae diligat chorus mensae,

and the band at your elegant table would love you

hec calculator nec notarius velox

and neither would any mathematics teacher nor speedy shorthand teacher

maiore quisquam circulo coronetur.

be surrounded by a bigger group

albae leone flammeo calent luces

The bright daylight is hot in flaming Leo [ July/August ]

tostamque fervens Julius coquit messem.

and boiling July is roasting the scorched harvest.

cirrata loris horridis Scythae pellis,

May the Scythian's whip, bristling with rough thongs,

qua vapulavit Marsyas Celaenaeus,

with which Phygian Marsyas was beaten,

ferulaeque tristes, scepta paedogogorum, <-( slave who is responsible for childs protection and behaviour)

and the sad canes, the sceptres of the paedagogi,

cessent et Idus dormiant in Octobres:

be still and sleep until the Ides of October:

aestate pueri si valent, satis discunt.

if children are healthy during summer, they learn enough.