Keith Douglass Poetry Analysis

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Negradas, Rouvinn Uy BA Communications Arts 4
2010-67914 Lit21B

An Analysis on the Collection of Poems by Keith Douglas

Most of Douglas’ poems are confessional and direct. While reading his poem it seems that he is taking my imagination to the precise moment when he was writing it. This precision leads the reader to examine his personal experiences and memories but at the same time it is not ever expressive of intense emotions.

One of the many evidences in which he takes his experiences into writing is his poem Vergissmeinnicht (Touch Me Not), the poem talked about the day they went back to the place where a battle took place and saw one of their fallen enemies sprawled in the sun with a picture of his girl in his hand, and
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“And in your body each minute I died moving your thigh could disinter me from a grave in a distant city: your breasts deserted by cloth, clothed in twilight filled me with tears, sweet cups of flesh”, this passage alone gives the reader a chance to play with his imagination and own interpretation on so many different …show more content…
They fuse. A shadow is a man when the mosquito death approaches.”
Another textual evidence can be seen in Vergissmeinnicht. It says, “But she would weep to see today how on his skin the swart flies move; the dust upon the paper eye and the burst stomach like a cave. For here the lover and killer are mingled who had one body and one heart. And death who had the soldier singled has done the lover mortal hurt.
These are just a few examples to conclude that indeed Douglas seems to have a fixation on death. Maybe he was thinking that indeed his life can be taken anytime and for him it is the fate of a soldier’s life. Some of his poems now seems to be a premonition of his early death. That is why now I am uncertain whether I will feel proud for him because of his heroism in offering his youth to serve his nation or I will feel it creepy that he seems to know that from the start of his military service, time is never and will never be on his side.
Lastly, he is able to his show through his poems the sad reality of the life of a soldier; that they are meant to kill and to be

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