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learned behavior of members of a given social group
Communication (cultural definition)
a symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained, repaired and transformed
anything that interferes with successful communication
Means of sending inforamtion
Inferential feedback
indirect rather than direct
transmission of a message from a source to a receiver
transformed into an understandable sign and symbol system
signs and symbols are interpreted
Bounded culture
co-culture Ex. Italian neighborhood, fraternity row, the South...
concentration of ownership, conglomeration, rapid globalizatoin, audience fragmentation, hypercommercialism
increase in ownership of media outlets by larger non-media companies
concentration of media industries into an ever smaller number of companies
audience is becoming semented and more narrowly defined
using many channels of delivery
"talking cheif" in tribe that provides oral history of their people
Ideogrammatic alphabets
picture based
syllable alphabet
an alphabet employing sequences of vowels and consonents AKA words :)
rolls of sliced strips of reed
writing material made from prepared animal skins
the ability to effectivly and efficiently comprehend and use written symbols
Media literacy
the ability to effectively and efficently comprehend and utilize mass media content..awareness of impact, understanding of the process of mass communication...
Multiple points of access
to approach media content from a variety of directions and derive from it many levels of meaning
Third person effect
the common attitude that others are influenced by media messages, but that we are not
categories of expression "the evening news, documentary, horror film"
standardized style elements of a genre...ex. evening news would be short, upbeat intro theme one or two people sitting at a desk
production values
choice of lighting, editing, special effects, music, camera angle, location on the page, size and placement of headlines
linotype machine
enabled printers to set type mechanically rather than manually
dime novels
sometimes refered to as pulp novels
acquisitions editor
person charged with determining which books a publisher will publish
DEN (Digital epistolary novel
stories that unfold serially through e-mails, IM's, and Web sites
cottage industry
publishing houses were small opperations closely identified with their personal both staff and authors
subsidiary rights
sale of the book, it's contents, and characters to filmmakers, paperback publishers, book clubs ], foreign publishers and product producers
Single sheet announcements or accounts of events imported from England posed for the news
Alien and Sedition Acts
Made illegal writing, publishing, or printing any false scandalous and malicious writing about the president, Congress, or federal govenment
Penny press
one-cent newspapers first was New York Sun
Yellow Journalism
study in excess---sensational, sex, crime, and disaster news; giant headlines; heavy use of illustrations and reliance on cartoons and color
newspaper chains
papers in different cities across the country owned by a single company
zoned edition
suburban or regional versions of the paper
ethnic press
African American papers, hispanic papers...
dissident press
weeklies with a very local and very political orientation