Mass Media Stereotypes

Mass media portray the dominant images in societies of the industrialized world and depict life in our society (Creedon, 1998). In society the mass media portrays men as superior and women as submissive and not in control. An average person watches at least 4 to 5 hours of television daily and gender roles are displayed a lot though commercials, cartoons shows and movies. Men are shown in the media as tough, muscular, strong, and excising his authority among others. Mass media puts out this dominate ideology that men need to feel powerful and superior to woman and any characteristics of a woman is considered “inferior” or “wrong”. For example on the TV show Family guy Peter puts off that women are inferior and objects to men by
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They promotes stereotypes of masculinity and femininity to the audiences and its appeal of what they are trying to influences the audience to buy. In one Old Spice commercial they had an “ideal” man of power which is Terry Crew an ex-football player. He is strong, athletic and very muscular and gives an “idea” of what a man with power should look like. The commercials shows a woman who is selling the stereotypical domestic products and leads to stereotypical ideas of a male and female. They compare the sprays saying Bounce spray is only for “women” which represents no power and The Old Spice body spray for men is sold as “Power”. Terry Crews yells in the commercial saying “It’s so powerful it sells itself in other peoples commercials.” The gender ideas that were shown in the ads about the male Terry Crew was that he was muscular, he crash threw her house and took over the lady’s commercial yelling saying Power! Saying his smell is power and the lady agree but he cuts her off saying “Power”. The lady is considered submissive in the ad, the guy took over her commercial, the man talks over her and she could barely say anything after that. He was very loud all threw the ad which meant (power) and she’s was quiet (no power). Other stereotypical gender roles they had was that the athletics appearance and was riding on a jet ski and she was a “housewife” folding clothes and doing laundry. The …show more content…
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