Cultural Beliefs, Values And Evolution Of The Mass Media

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Mass media are a form of communication that reaches the masses whether it be written, displayed, or broadcasted. Types of mass media include television, the Internet, newspapers, and the radio to name a few. Mass media plays a vital role in our democratic society, it influences the beliefs, perspectives, and decisions of the audience targeted. Sociologist considers the mass media representation and creation of culture otherwise known as mediated culture (Dean, 2010). We live in a society today where we are constantly told what to believe, what to consider important, and how one should feel. As technology has evolved, we have reached an era where mass media is part of everyday life.
Throughout history, there have been significant developments
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Our cultural values, political stances, and ideas are influenced by the media and vice versa. Take advertisers, for example, they study what sells, what do the people want, well we know beauty sells so when they advertise a product or promote a movie they display beautiful people. Culture is simply expressions and values that define societies what is depicted on the television, radio, and the Internet is inspired by what society considers important. Television has remained a dominate force in the media to target large audiences. The rise of the electric and digital era has made it easier for mass media to circulate those values and ideologies. Perhaps the greatest cultural evolution has been in the digital age. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have appealed to mass audiences. These sites allow individuals to share and exchange ideas, feelings, personal interest, and opinions regarding some of the top issues …show more content…
Although the newspaper and various magazines are still available in print, they are now more conveniently accessible with a touch of a screen via laptop or smartphone. Media convergence is merely a term used to describe all the changes that have occurred in the last decade and continue to transpire in the media (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2013, p. 11). Media convergence has played a pivotal role in many people’s lives. People now have easy access to the information or products they need. Instead of reading a newspaper to learn about current events, people use their phones, computers, or tablets to search in real time. Some may view media convergence as a threat to regular print, however as technology continues to evolve the media has to progress along with it. Media convergence has influenced social aspects of our culture today. Using technological platforms individuals can interact, share, and connect with others around the world about what is considered important. In conjunction with the advancement of technology, the audience has a significant impact in the media in ways that make it easier to

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