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Principles that define the biological level of analysis
-Genetically Based
-Animal Research can provide insight
-Biology correlates behavior
Principles that define the cognitive level of analysis
-Human are active brain processors
-The mind can be studied scientifically
-Social and cultural factors affect cognition
Principles that define the sociocultural level of analysis
-Humans are social animals with basic need to belong
-Culture influences human behavior
-Human have a social self which reflects on group membership
Newcomer et al.
Cortisol and Verbal Memory
Rosenzweig and Bennet
Brain Plasticity and Environment
Milner and Scovile
Case Study of HM
Corkin et al.
MRI Scan of HM
Berridge and Kringelbach
MRI Scan on Dopamine and Pleasure
Baumgartner et al.
Oxytocin and Trust
Martinez and Kesner
Acetylcholine and Memory
Gopnick et al.
Brains of Normal and Neglected Child
Richard Davidson
Brainwaves on Compassion Meditation
Kasamatsu and Hirai
Serotonin and Meditation
Human Genome Project
Gene Mapping
Blair et al.
MRI Scan on Amygdala on Criminals
Bouchard and McGue
Family Studies on Intelligence
Bouchard et al.
Minnesota Twin Studies
Tetsuro Matsuzawa
Monkeys and Memory on Evolution
Pregnant Women and Disgust
Darley and Gross
Poor and Rich Girl Judgment
Loftus and Palmer
Car Crash Reproduction
Cole and Scribner
Memory Strategies
Frederic Bartlett
Serial Reproduction and Schema
Atkinson and Shiffrin
Multi-Store Memory Model
Baddeley and Hitch
Working Memory Model, Dual Task Technique
Palva et al.
EEG Scan on Working Memory Model
Emotional Pathway in Brain
Brown and Kulik
Flashbulb Memory
Neisser and Harsch
Flashbulb Memory
Caroline Howarth
Social Identity
Asch Paradigm and Culture
Henri Tajfel
In Group and Out Group
Ross et al.
Fundamental Attribution Error
Lau and Russel
Self-Serving Bias
Kashina and Triandis
Self-Serving Bias and Culture
Steele and Aronson
Spotlight Anxiety
Formation of Stereotypes
Albert Bandura
Social Learning Theory
Laboratory Experiment on Reciprocity
Dickerson et al.
Foot in the Door
Cialdini et al.
Door in the Face, Low Balling
Lynn and McCall
Aronson and Mills
Reciprocuty and Social Influence
Cultural Dimension and Employees
Wei et al.
Collectivism and Individualism
Culture Bound Syndrome