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- "Psychology is a science, art, a means of promoting human welfare"
- science that studies behavior and mental processes
- study
- discuss
- word
- Soul
- Mind
- Spirit
- the activities of an individual, both hidden and observable
Mental processes
- how we think (cognitive)
- why it is going on
naturalistic observation
- the study of behavior in real life settings
- the behavior or problem
- what will happen if a variable is changed
Edward Titchner
- Wundts student
- Structuralism- identify the basic elements of experience
- images, affections, physical sensations
- what is going on in the individual
Evolutionary psychology
- studies adaptive value of behaviors
- positive psychology
- studies well being and happiness
- focus is on positive attitude
- human diversity
Cognitive psychology
- deals with study of mental processes
- the ways we percieve, interpret, store, and retrieve info
- mental processes are studied
Sigmund Freud
- father of psychoanalysis
- psychotherapy- using psychology techniques to treat personality and behavioral disorders
- Large impact on academic psychology
B.F. Skinner
- behaviorism
- changed behavior through conditioning
- reinforcment applied
- skinner box to train animals
- dehumanized human
Carl Rogers, rollo may, abraham maslow
- existential psychology
- alienation and lack of meaning leads to apathy, psychological problems and alcoholism
John watson
- declared mental life cannot be measured nore seen and therefore should not be studied scientifically
- founded behaviorism
- conditioned little albert to be afraid of white rats and white objects
Max Wertheimer
- (gestalt) psychology
- Gestalt means whole
- We are born with natural tendency to organize experience into something meaningful
- studies how people percieve and experience objects
Mary Callans
- First female president of APA
- studied under william james
Consumer psychology
- how and why products sell and the designing of ads
William James
- professor at harvard
- functionalism- how organisms use there abilities to function in their enviroment
- father of animal psychology
Magaret Washburn
- the animal mind (1908)
- implicated the early movement of behaviorilsm
- second female president of the APA
Wilhem Wundt
- 1879 founded the first psych lab in germany
- only four students attended his lecture
- introduced experimentation and measurment
- believed the mind should be studied scientifically
Empirical evidence is based on-
- experimentation
- observation
- evidence
- actual facts
Francis Galton
- everything was due to heridity
- mental tests
Enviromental Psychology
- how the enviroment affects us
Empirical evidence
- what we learn through our senses
Educational Psychology
- student guidance
Community Psychology
- how to better communities
industrial/organizational psychology
- study the structure of organizatoin
Psychology is based on (2)
- the scientific method
- empirical evidence
Developmental psychology
- the processes of developing
Social psychology
- how society influences ones self
Experimental psychology
- do experiments on processes on IQ, sensations, motivation, etc.
Personality Psychology
- differences in traits
- diagnoses and treats abnormal disorders
- deals with everyday normal problems of adjustment
Clinical and counseling
- over 50% of psychologist practice this form