Theories Of Psychology

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The word psychology is made up of by two greek words “Psyche” which is mind or the soul and “ logos” which means the study. The modern day definition of psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behavior. Psychology is now recognized as a natural science but unlike other natural sciences such as chemistry, physics there is no one corrects theory or answer. Therefore we could state that psychology is a multi perspective science in which behavior and thinking patterns are explained in terms of different models and theories that have been explained by different schools of thought.
There are many approaches or perspectives in identifying or studying human behavior. The study of human behavior would be based on observing, interviewing
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Biopsychologist attempts to explain human behavior using biological concepts. There view is the behaviour is inate and in nature. They explain that a persons behavioral pattern are due to the complex information processing system that takes place within the neurons, the biological structure and function of the brain, the genes and the endocrine system. Normal behavior as well as abnormal behavior is explained using biological reasons. Adolescent years of a person life are when the biological transformation takes place from a child to an adult with puberty. Puberty is the period where the biological changes take place where the body matures and is capable of sexual reproduction. During this period there is increase in hormone generation such as testosterones and estrogen. Aggressive behavior in teenagers could be explained due to the abnormalities in neurotransmitters, the abnormal function of brain or due to …show more content…
Neurons are individual cells in the nervous system that receive, integrate and transmit information. Neurons work as a chain but neurons are not connected to each other therefore information is communicated by chemicals generated in the neuron. The information is transmitted from one neuron to another neuron at synapses ( which is the gap between two neurons.) by the release of neuro transmitters which are chemicals that are stored in small pockets. Researchers have found that neuro transmitters are a critical factor in human behavior and there are nine main neuro transmitters and 40 other neurotransmitters which manages the complex functions of the human body.
One of the nine neuro transmitters which is serotonin which is known to regulate sleep and wakefulness, appetite, anxiety, depression, aggression and compulsive disorder. Therefore in a teenager if there is an abnormal low level of neurons generating low levels of serotonin it could lead to aggressive behavior in teenagers.
Dophamnie which is another neurotransmitter which controls voluntary movements, pleasurable emotions in the nervous system is also linked to aggressive behavior when abnormally high dorphamine levels are releases from the synapatic

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