Essay about An Example Of A Disorganized Environment

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An example of a disorganized environment would be a chaotic home for a child. A lot of people would agree with the opinion that children growing up in these disorderly homes tend to not do well in school. As said by Kovas and Haworth, (2007), scholastic achievement to some degree is passed down genetically. The twin study done by Hanscombe, Haworth, Davis, Jaffee, and Plomin (2011) was to examine the genetic and environmental factors that link disorderly and chaotic homes and how well a child does in school. Identical twins share one hundred percent of their DNA, while non-identical twins only share fifty percent of their DNA. Hanscombe, Haworth, Davis, Jaffee, and Plomin (2010) have done research that studied both identical and non-identical twins and evaluated the degree of chaos in their households. The study showed that identical twins have more alike responses to their environment than non-identical twins. These results agree with the opinion that suggests children’s responses to experiences may be genetically motivated. The way each individual child views his or her family environment is different amongst all children. Something that may be chaotic to one child may seem normal o another. This influences what they consider to be a factor contributing to a chaotic home.
Hanscombe et al., (2011) used a genetically sensitive design to analyze the link between disorderly homes and academic achievement. This design allows researchers to evaluate the functions of genetic…

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