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What is a theory?
A hypothesis becomes a theory by collection of data and empirical evidence.
What are the 3 structures of psyche that Freud believed in?
Id, Ego and Superego.
What is id?
Your basic instinct, what you're born with.
What is ego?
It is your mediator between id and superego.
What is superego?
It is your conscience.
What is repression?
Unconsciously forgetting things that are too painful to remember
What is compensation?
A means to make up for an unconsciously perceived inadequacy
What is rationalization?
To present as fact contrary to what your true feelings are, such as, your feelings are hurt when you lose something and you insist you did not want it anyway.
What is introjection?
Adopting the standards of someone you are afraid to oppose even though you don't believe it, but you don't have the guts to say so.
What is regression?
To go back to a previous state of development that works for you, when you are very stressed, such as a child wetting the bed or sucking their thumb when new baby comes home.
What is displacement?
When you are mad at one person, but you take it out on another.
What is denial?
Refusal to acknowledge reality, such as a widow not getting rid of dead husband's things years later
What is sublimation?
To take a behavior that is not acceptable and make it justified and acceptable, such as MIke Tyson being vicious, then made into a good guy in the comedy, Hangover.
What is Freud's Oral stage?
From 0 to 1 1/2 years mouth is the pleasure center, everything goes in a baby's mouth... if a fixation develops, the person will become a smoker, overeater, talker, or chew on pencils, etc.
What is Freud's Anal Stage?
From 1 1/2 to 3 the Anus is tha pleasure center. The potty training stage is important. If fixation occurs : Anal Retentive become rigid, controlling, control freak. Anal Expulsive would be slob, no boundaries, overtalkative.
What is Freud's Phallic Stage?
From 3-5 years, either penis or clitoris becomes pleasure center, function os to develop a healthy sexual interest. If fixated, males develop Oedipus complex, females Electra complex.
What is Freud's Latency stage?
From 5-12, dormant sexual stage. Through introjection boys more affected by this.
What is Freud's genital stage?
From 12+, subconscious stage of phallic stage, if fixated, promiscuity, homosexual, aversion, fetish.
How many conflict based stages did Erik Erickson theorize?
1. Trust vs Mistrust
2. Autonomy Vs. shame and doubt
3. Initiative vs. guilt
4. Industry vs. inferiority
5. Identity vs role confusion
6. Intimacy vs. isolation
7. Generosity vs. stagnation
8. Integrity Vs. despair
What is Trust vs. Mistrust stage?
from 0 to 1 1/2 - If parents respond quickly, they trust, if not neglect can foster mistrust.
What is Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt stage?
from 1 1/2 to 3- If allowed to be self reliant and independent, make choices and have chores, if not, they doubt their abilities.
What is Initiative vs. Guilt stage?
from 3-5- Kid takes charge, very manupulative, parents should talk to them answer questions, some have imaginary friend, it is okay...If not, they feel guilty and helpless
What is Industry vs. Inferiority stage?
from 5-12 School, neighbors, friends become crucial, give them freedom to learn from responsibility- if not, they don't feel as good as other people
What is Identity vs. Role Confusion stage?
from 12-18 - Adolescent, let them try new things- If not, they don't know who they are, if they are capable of making it on their own.
What is Intimacy Vs. Isolation stage?
from 18 - 25/35 - If met, they are able to trust someone with their inner secrets and dreams, take risks.. If not, they will be isolated and lonely.
What is Generativity vs Stagnation stage?
from 35 to 65 if met, become useful to society, raising kids, stability in prefession- if not, they rot and have inner child/ mid life crisis
What is Integrity vs. Stagnation stage?
from 65+ if met, sense of accomplishment, if not, as dense of regret and despair.
Who was Maslow?
He was a Humanist, theorist and philosopher, believed in 5 levels of being, and FREE WILL AND SELF DETERMINATION. You have to achieve one level before you can progress to the next one up.
What are the 5 levels of Maslow's Hierarchy?
1. Physiological - Food, shelter, sex
2. Safety- Security, protection, stability, structure, freedom from anxiety
3. Love and belonging- family and friends
4. Esteem- be judged favorably
5. Self actualization- realization of the best you can be