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Intensive management with fewer acres, higher value per acre, ornamentals and whole foods (in grocery stores).


Extensive production with more acres, lower human input per acre, lower value per acre, animal feed, and industrial food ingredients including oil, protein sugar and starch.


Focuses on trees for building materials, pulp and paper.


Encompasses horticulture and agronomy.

Can the same plant species be considered horticultural and agricultural?


Plant Propagation

Making many plants from a select few.

Plant Science

Examines how a plant is put together and how those parts work together in a biological system.


Production and marketing of plants valued for their flowers.

Landscape Horticulture

Production, marketing and maintenance of plants used in designed and managed landscapes.


Production and marketing of plants or plant parts valued for culinary use as vegetables.


Production and marketing of plants or plant parts valued for their culinary use as fruits.

Post Harvest Management

Practices that maintain quantity and prevent spoilage of harvested horticultural plants or plant parts during storage and transportation.

Breeding and Genetics focus on

Developing new cultivated varieties (cultivars) of plants for production.

Asexual Reproduction

Causing new plants to arise from plant parts like leaves, stems, roots, and storage organs like tubers or rhizomes.

Sexual Reproduction

Making new plants from spores or seeds.