Importance And Importance Of Biotechnology

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In modern world of science and technology there has been various developments in the favor of human life. Biotechnology is one of them which simply is the application of technology merging with different aspects of biology. Biotechnology as a whole can be defined as the field of study in which various scientific and engineering principles are applied for the manufacturing of products that are useful for human. For example, “Golden rice” which consist of carbohydrate along with vitamin A is the gift from biotechnology to provide vitamin A in rice for the children those who lack vitamin A foods in their diet.

The field of biotechnology is vast and there are various sub-fields. Red biotechnology related to health and medical, Green biotechnology
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From the first time of penicillin discovery by Alexander Fleming in the time of second world-war treated many wounded soldiers and saved their life. Through that course of time till now many antibiotics like penicillin has been discovered which are all extracted from microbial life like E.coli. Not only that there has been discovery of various drugs and vaccines in the treatment of various diseases and microbial infection. For instance, the human insulin which was manufactured in the pig earlier, has been successfully produced in microbes due to application of genetic engineering. Similarly, the antibodies for viruses are produced in animals and microbes. Although there has been various achievements in medical field through biotechnology but still there are challenges to be solved and numerous researchers are trying to find the solution. Treatment of AIDS and other genetic diseases are the ongoing research and there may be time in future that all these diseases could be …show more content…
Biotechnological applications such as genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology, tissue culture, protoplast culture etc. has helped to produce improved quality crops. The use of chemical fertilizers can only increase the production but research on genetic level to identify genes can not only improve quality but quantity of crops too. Food crops affected from insects and microbes can be treated using the r-DNA technology. Also there has been development to produce plants in the lab inside a cultural flask. Any part of the plant could be used to produce whole of it like leaves, stem, seeds etc. It will be easy for those plants which do not produce seeds and can be produced by tissue culture. There will be time when the population of earth becomes huge for feeding thus, biotechnology could help to produce food for that increasing number of population through genetic engineering and prevent famine.

Also in molecular field, there has been improvements as the human genome sequencing is completed. This could help to identify particular genes that are the root causes of genetic diseases. DNA fingerprinting is another aspect of molecular biotechnology which is used in human health research and forensic i.e. for justice. Disorders in child from parents could be identified and in justice systems, could help to identify

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