Conclusion Of Synthetic Biology

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As you have heard, synthetic biology is an emerging technology that has made great advancements in a short amount of time. Though the public’s capacity to imagine misuse scenarios as a result of new developments in synthetic biology are vast, in reality institutional and structural capacities remain limited. Taking these limitations into account, synthetic biology still has an incredible amount of potential. This potential has implications for how America addresses its security concerns in the future. The synthetic biology community and field is and has taken these concerns seriously; much of the groundwork for a strong security framework has been thought through. XXXX
Overview and History of Synthetic Biology Synthetic biology is a form
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One of the main reasons for this is because scientists have transformed the four letters of DNA - ACGT - into binary. This ability, demonstrated by advances such as CRISPR, means synthetic biology is no longer just a biological science issue, but also a data science issue. Recent developments have made the ability to experiment with synthetic biology much cheaper. Whereas in the 1950s a massive amount of funding, along with access to difficult to find information and laboratory equipment was needed, today anyone with an internet connection and enough money to buy a used car can experiment with genetic modification. As a result, recent major advances can be attributed less to the government and more to the commercial sector and private individuals. US funding for synthetic biology was virtually non-existent as recently 2005 and still today is less than $180 billion. Meanwhile, the number of biotechnology companies in the United States has tripled since 1992. This means that the federal government is not the main driver of this emerging technology. The federal government must learn how to adapt and adopt technologies and processes developed externally. From a security perspective, the challenge will be more fluid because the government has less control; XXX
Current Research, Main Drivers, and Status Even though great strides in synthetic biology have been made recently, there is still a large gap between perception and reality. Mundanely, most current research focuses on “agent detection, vaccines, and treatment.” For example TKTKTKTK MAIN DRIVERS

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