Plant Propagation Essay

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Plant propagation is the method of producing new plant from a collection of sources like seeds, bulbs, cuttings, layering, other plant parts, etc. Plant propagation is divided into many types:
 Sexual propagation.
 Asexual propagation.
 Seed propagation mat.
 Heated propagator.
Now here, we have to discuss about Asexual Propagation.
Asexual propagation is a type of plant propagation in which new plant is germinated by artificial means of method without germinating a seed. Horticulturist or gardeners use many type of asexual techniques to propagate the desired plant. These plants are produced by single parent plant. In this type of propagation, plant’s roots, stem, leaves, etc.
The following are the
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• Cutting.
• Layering.
• Division.
• Tissue culture.


Budding is a process by which two plant parts are joined together. It is an example of asexual propagation. It is an external outgrowth, formed by the cell-division of lateral cells of a particular site. The new bud formed remain attached to the parent plant but it is detached when it get mature. Due to its asexual production it is identical to its parent plant.
Grafting is a process of attaching a tissue of one plant to the tissue of another plant. It is process done by horticulturist, in which they take a bud of one plant and attach it to another plant after scratching or damaging the 2nd plant tissues to attach that bud.

The budding refers to as plant propagation in which buds are grafted in stem of desired plant. This practical method is used as asexual propagation for commercially grown plants for horticultural and agricultural trade.

Cutting is a vegetative plant part of parent plant to forming a whole new plant. It is also called striking. In cutting, piece of stem or root of the parent plant is placed in favorable condition like moist soil, rock wool, potting mix. Cutting produces new stem and roots and becomes a new independent
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Hard wood cutting are most commonly taken during the winter months. Generally, used in propagating shrubs and trees.

Following are the types of hard wood cutting:
 Straight
 Mallet
 Heel

Semi-hardwood cutting are used for evergreen plants, perennials, etc. Semi-hardwood cutting are most commonly taken between late summer and early winter. SOFTWOOD CUTTING:
Softwood cutting is most popular form of propagation. It is used for the propagation of herbs, annual and perennials flowers, vegetables, houseplants, etc. Softwood cuttings are most commonly taken in spring.

Leaf cutttings are made from the leaf of some plants that are fleshy or succulent. Espacially for tropic regions.

Root cuttings are used for to propagate plants which produce suckers from their roots such as blackberries and etc. Small cutting are simply small divisions.

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