Radish Seed Experiment

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This experiment is about the effect of microwave radiation exposure on the percent that radish seeds germinate. The hypothesis in this experiment is if the radish seed is placed in the microwave for 8 minutes, then the percent of germinated seeds would be the lowest out of all the times. This experiment is important because if something happens and radish seeds are exposed to microwave radiation people would be able to know if the radishes would germinate if they knew the time they were exposed. This could also be used to find out if people could grow radishes in space because there is a lot of microwave radiation. The way this experiment was conducted is ten radish seeds were the control and they were not microwaved. In the other
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It was supported because after being exposed to microwave radiation for 480 seconds they only germinated 63% of the time while all the other times were all over 90% germination. It was surprised that the radish seeds that were exposed to 30 seconds of microwave radiation germinated 96% of the time while the 0, 15, 60, and 120 second radish seeds germinated and average of 100% of the time. The reason that the 30 second exposure was less than the rest is most likely because the seed was dead or it was a bad seed that was not going to germinate anyway. If that is not the case the procedure would need to change and it would change to using more than ten radish seeds, more like 20-25 seeds so you have a larger test group per trial. The people that this experiment would help is anybody looking to learn more about the impact of microwave radiation on plants and germination. Also people who want to grow things in outer space where there is cosmic microwave radiation will be helped by this experiment because they will be able to understand that they will not be able to grow radishes because the cosmic microwave radiation would kill the seeds and the radishes would not be able to germinate or grow. People could start to try to find a way to let radish seeds germinate and grow in microwave radiation so that if humans needed …show more content…
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