Grass Seeds Grow Experiment

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10/15/15: Today my experiment was approved. I plan to start on the 18th.

10/18/15: Today was the start date of my experiment. Today I performed the bulk of the procedure. First, I gathered all of the materials. Then, I put 147mL of soil in each of the cups and marked each cup. Next, I did level one (100 W) for 30 seconds in the microwave. Coming out of the microwave they were about the same temperature and texture. For level 5 (500 W), the grass seeds were in the microwave for 30 seconds and were slightly warmer coming out of the microwave. Also the grass seeds felt very slightly moistened. After that, I did power level 9 (900 W) for thirty seconds. The grass seeds were noticeably warmer and slightly moist after coming out of the microwave. Next, I
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First, there is not seed growth yet, nor have the seeds sprouted roots. Second, I noticed that the soil seemed a bit dry. I may change the watering from every three days to every two days after doing …show more content…
The warm water level and the control have about the same amount of growth. It seems like around 95% of the warm water and control groups germinated. Next, the power level one group has about 75% germination, with substantially less growth than the control. The next group is power level 5 which has about 75-80% germination and about the same growth as group one. Finally, power level 9 has about 70-75% germination, but surprisingly has about the same growth as the group 's, power level one and power level 9. All groups have the same color, but the groups exposed to radiation seem a bit flimsier. Some of the plants in the groups that were not exposed to radiation stand by themselves, but no seeds that were exposed to radiation are standing (they are all leaning against the side of the cup). Today, I watered all seeds using 10 mL of water, and measured out the water using the measuring

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