Lord Of The Flies Book Cover Analysis

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Lord Of The Flies Book Cover Personal Response Essay

“Lord Of The Flies” was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1983. William Golding was the best known for his novel and was also awarded the Booker Prize for his novel “Rites Of The Passage” in 1980. This assignment is about analyzing and observing the cover of the novel. The overall point I am making is that the book cover shows the evil and the barbarian act against wild animals for meat to survive. .

The overall cover of the book describes the people using savage act to kill animals for meat in order to survive in the forest. Here it emphasizes savagery, the part of human being habit in the way of hunting makes them feel more happiness, whereas, it describes as uncivilized and gruesome. The cover of the book consists of three colours that are red, black and white. The red color indicates violence, black color indicates evil and white color indicates goodness. I can see pig’s head that sits perched on a stick. The book cover shows the pig's head with its eyes open and it is dripping blood.

The overall impression of the cover gives me cruelty. It evokes
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I might say hunting is such a big theme in this novel. Depending of the time of the year I might do differently so I can find edible plants. Knowledge of only one or two wild edible plants can be of great help in the search for survival food. Therefore, I can maintain the life cycle of animals. Important parts of early human diets, tubers likely can act as foods for when the hunt is poor or fish are scarce. It’s crucial to understand that these were wild, fibrous tubers, though not the creamy, smooth potatoes that make the best darn mash ever tasted. Humans take a leafy green plant and, by selecting for different characteristics, began to transform it into several different products so they can

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