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a small Marxist group led by Lenin, sought to change life in Russia through revolution, aka Red Guards
leader of Bolsheviks, who promised "land, peace, bread" and started the NEP
Vladimir Lenin
a priest in Russia who healed many people and took advantage of women, people think he is corrupt and immortal
Grigory Rasputin
Russia's legislature ordered to disband, leading to the Czar abdicating
what Nicholas II did to step down as czar after ordering the duma to disban
leader of the provisional government
Aleksandr Kerensky
belief, aka Bolshevism, where the Bolsheviks planned to abolish private property and enforce social equality (communism)
Bolshevik group led by Leon Trotsky, who fought a civil war against the whites, but didn't trust the western powers
Red Guard
1917 revolution, Red Guards vs. prov. gov. when Kerensky's government collapsed and Lenin becomes leader
October Revolution
leader of the Red Guards, who was sent to make peace with the treaty of brest, after being taken over by Lenin.
Leon Trotsky
army aided by allies against the red guards because they will get back in the war
White Army
plan by Lenin that permitted some capitalist activity, including peasants selling their food at a profit
New Economic Policy
country formed in 1922, when Russia reunited with neighboring lands that had been part of the Russian empire before 1917
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics