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U.S. president (member of Big Four) who wanted a league of nations and wrote the Fourteen Points
Woodrow Wilson
the use of german U-boats to blow up ships because great britain has blockaded germany
unrestricted submarine warfare
ships used by germans in unrestricted submarine warfare
passenger ship blown up by germans
british intercept a secret message from germany telling mexico to attack the united states; in return, mexico gets land lost in war
Zimmermann Note
line that the Allies broke through in germany, leading to the end of the war
Hindenburg Line
agreement on november 11, 1918 at 11:00 am to end the war
wilson`s peace settlement:
1. reduction of arms
2. self determination
3. no secret treaties
4. freedom of seas and trade
5. league of nations
Fourteen Points
prime minister of france (member of Big Four) who wants to punish germany
Georges Clemenceau
prime minister of great britain (member of Big Four) who also wants to punish germany along with George Clemenceau
David Lloyd George
prime minister of italy (member of Big Four) who wanted land
Vittorio Orlando
treaty that the U.S. declines:
1. war guilt clause
2. reparations
3. limited german military
4. must return all conquered land
5. make poland a free country
6. germany loses colonies
7. league of nations
Treaty of Versailles
idea of president wilson to create a group that will settle disputes without going to war
League of Nations
territories ruled by european powers:
1. syria and lebanon- france
2. palestine and iraq- great britain
create a Jewish settlement called "israel"
Zionist movement
declaration of 1917 to help create a Jewish state
Balfour Declaration