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policy to fix trends in Latin America saying local industries are developed to replace the need to import manufactured goods, decreasing dependence on foreign countries
import substitution led industrialization
belief promoted by priests/bishops (ex Oscar Romero) that the church should be active in politics and the struggle for economic and social equality in Latin America
Liberation Theology
dictator of Cuba, overthrown by Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution
Fulgencia Batista
overthrows Fulgencia Batista and becomes dictator of Cuba, wants to end U.S. dominance, redistribute wealth, and end inequality in society
Fidel Castro
What does Fidel Castro do?
wipes out illiteracy, gives free medical care, limits land holding, nationalizes private property and business
follower of Castro in the jungle, helps promote communism in Cuba by killing people against Marxism (revolutionary)
Che Guevara
org. of countries in the Americas that promotes economic and military cooperation to stop communism in Latin America
OAS (Organization of American States)
President of Guatemala, who uses land reform to break up land holdings and redistribute land to peasants after the CIA aids in a coup against him
Jacob Arbenz
an American company that owned huge amounts of mostly uncultivated land in Guatemala, unhappy because they own some of the land Jacob Arbenz broke up, forces government and CIA to do something
United Fruit Company
example of Liberation Theology, bishop gunned down during his service in El Salvador because he preaches against what the government is doing
Oscar Romero
group during El Salvador's civil war that roams the countryside killing civilians suspected of aiding the opposition
death squads
ruling anti-communist family of Nicaragua, who is supported by the U.S., overthrown by the Sandinistas
Somoza family
group of military leaders, who rule the government (ex. Sandinistas)
rebel group in Nicaragua with U.S. aid in the 1980s, because the economy is bad in the U.S, Congress tells Pres. Reagan not to aid them