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book of teaching and sayings of Mao Zedong
1. religion discouraged
2. land redistributed to pheasants
3. soviet style 5 year plans instituted
4. enemies of state eliminated
"Little Red Book"
attempt by Mao Zedong to increase industrial and agricultural output by creating collective farms, ex. go in backyard and make a furnace for steel
Great Leap Forward
mid 1960s rev. to get rid of China's old ways by creating a society in which the pheasant and physical labor is ideal and unleash the Red Guards
Cultural Revolution
armed young people who kill teachers, the skilled and artists, result mass chaos and riots in cities. Mao Zedong calls out his army
Red Guard
Mao's wife and 3 other followers who take power after Mao dies in 1976
Gang of Four
makes market reforms such as the four modernizations. results:
1. people want more political freedoms
2. Tienanmen massacre
Deng Xiaoping
Deng Xiaoping's idea to modernize agriculture, industry, science and technology, and national defense by giving businesses and people more freedom to make economic decisions
Four Modernizations
result of the Four Modernizations, where students gather in the square to protest, many killed by army
Tienanmen Square Massacre